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The Art Of Staycationing ~ You Have To Check This Out!

The Art Of Staycationing

When the economy took a dip a few years back there arose an interesting new trend in family vacationing. The concept is to have a fun, fulfilling, inexpensive weekend getaway either with your spouse or your family without even leaving your home town. The idea may seem silly to some but “staycationing” can provide an amazingly budget-friendly experience without the time investment of travel. So, if you’re ready to have a great vacation within your own city-limits here is everything you need to know!


Where to Stay


This might be one of the most important parts. You have to define what you’re willing to spend on your little getaway and decide where you’d like that to go. If you’d like to go with the less expensive route, chances are there is a KOA near you that you can find a little camping spot. If you’d like to be a little more luxurious, look into the local hotels. If you do go the hotel route know that hotels are generally less expensive if booked well in advance and not on weekends. You can even look for a pet friendly hotel in Frisco and bring your furry family members with you. If you have the option of getting a day or two off of work you might be able to save a few bucks!


What to Eat

If you’re considering this trip a vacation, I recommend trying places that you haven’t tried before. Treat the experience as if you are coming into your own town for the first time. Be a little adventurous!

Trying to be budget-friendly and financially conservative on this little trip? I’d totally recommend going to the local deli and getting sandwich meat and all the fixings! Even fairly good sized families can be fed for relatively cheap.


What to Do

Do a quick Google search for fun things to do around where you live. I’ve been amazed how many blog posts I have found about activities and things to do even in fairly small towns.

If you come up empty in Google searches chances are good that there are really fun things to do close to where you live that you don’t even know exist. Every town has their hidden gems of family fun that you’ll only find by asking around. If you’re looking for something fun, I recommend asking your Facebook friends for suggestions. When I did this, I was amazed at how many of my friends had connections to inexpensive horseback riding, jet skis and other activities I had no idea I would be able to do!

Another important note is that if you decide to spend a little more to be able to stay at a hotel, you will hopefully also gain access to a swimming pool. This can provide hours of entertainment already included in the cost of the hotel, have a fun place to stay, and a great way to wear out your children! Two birds with one stone!


According to the car accident lawyers, the summer months can be some of the most dangerous to travel on the roads. Staycationing can provide the fun and entertainment without the expense, time investment or the hazard!


  • Cindy S.

    It’s a great way to have a wonderful time together with your family and save lots of money. Staycationing is awesome!

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    We’ve been looking at a local KOA to stay at this summer or Fall! I’ve heard such good things about them. We usually take food on our vacations because our girls have food allergies.

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