Savvy Family Time

Budget-Friendly Ways To Do More Fun Things Together As A Family

As anyone with children will know, being a parent is a full-time job. If you have a real full-time job to attend on top of your responsibilities as a parent, you will know only too well the pressures it can bring. Feeling stretched for time in your daily life is something that affects many parents and families across the globe – but it isn’t always a lack of time that is the main issue. Many people also struggle to make their family finances stretch to make ends meet on the essentials, never mind to do fun activities together. Children have very short attention spans and can often become irritable or problematic when bored, so keeping them entertained at all times is a must. Plus, doing things together as a family is paramount for the emotional wellbeing of the whole group. Families who spend quality time together are said to be happier than those who simply end up sharing a house, but doing their own thing all the time. As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives and our children’s lives, a lot of families have become out of touch with what qualifies as ‘quality time’. You may think that you spend a lot of time with your children and partner, but consider what it is you do when you hang out together. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional movie night, but if you sit in silence and watch television together every night, ask yourself if it can quantify as ‘quality time.’ So many people up and down the country have forgotten what it means to invest time into their immediate family, and make long-lasting memories with them. But if there’s one thing that should never stop you, it’s money. You don’t need to be a millionaire to be able to create fond memories to look back on with your family and bring you all closer together. Here are a few ways you can keep everyone entertained without breaking the bank.

Scale down your entertainment expectations

You may dream of splashing out on your kids and taking them to lots of exciting events. After all, what parent doesn’t love that look of wonder on their child’s face when you take them somewhere really special? However, doing this type of thing regularly can soon start to burn a hole in your pocket. Rethink your idea of what an evening out with your children can be. For example, you may want to take them to a Broadway show – but as we all know, tickets for these events can often be very expensive. Why not, in that case, opt for a scaled-down version of the same event? Many Universities offer cheap tickets to their theater performances, as do many amateur dramatics groups. Of course, it won’t be anywhere near the level of professionalism that a Broadway show can offer. But you may find yourself still pleasantly surprised by the quality of the production, and it can be a nice way to keep your kids entertained for a few hours.

Make coupons and vouchers your best friends

The entire notion of couponing and looking for discount codes on platforms like Raise has developed something of an unusual name in recent years, with many infamous TV shows looking for those individuals who take it extremely seriously (we’ve all seen them, after all!). But getting a good deal by using coupon codes or other online coupons or even vouchers doesn’t need to be something you dedicate your life to. With this being said, there are some people who are not too familiar with the idea of applying discounts, like those available on Raise that can be used while shopping online and it may take them reading a Rakuten review, for example, to get an understanding of how this can help save them money while shopping online. Who wouldn’t want to save money while shopping, especially within the comfort of their own home?

Many people casually coupon, looking for deals on AllCoupons4U or clipping coupons from newspapers and magazines as and when it suits them to – so you don’t need to make it the center of your universe! Everyone loves a bargain and finding a coupon that saves a little extra money certainly makes shopping more affordable. It’s fairly easy to do, as well – websites such as are simple to use and feature clearly categorized vouchers. So, whether you are looking for a good deal on technology, travel, or something for your home and garden, you’re bound to find it there. Just always remember to check the terms and conditions and the expiration dates of any vouchers you use. The last thing you want is to turn up at an event or at a store to use your voucher, only to be told that you can’t, for whatever reason. Always read the fine print and if the offer is dependent on limited availability, always make sure you turn up in good time before the item in question runs out of stock.

Get outdoors

In today’s modern world, kids spend less time outdoors than ever before. Whereas you may have spent your childhood playing in the dirt and riding your bike around your local neighborhood, the kids of today are far more likely to sit inside for hours on end, watching Netflix or playing video games. Not only can this be bad for their health, but it can also end up being problematic for their personal and mental development. Spending time outdoors has a lot of benefits, and regarding the effects on your bank balance, things couldn’t be better. You can go as further afield as you like, or stay as close to home as you like. For example, if you are lucky enough to live by the coast, a day out to the beach is a fun and relatively inexpensive way to spend some time together as a family. Take a packed lunch with you (many tourist hot spots are notorious for ridiculously high food and drink prices) and buy a few cheap beach items to take with you. Plastic bucket and spades and a badminton set are also relatively inexpensive and will keep your little ones busy for a good few hours. Plus, all that fresh sea air will mean they’re exhausted after their day out, so you won’t have any issues getting them to sleep later on! You may think that entertaining the family on a budget is impossible, but with these affordable ideas, you can create some amazing lasting memories to look back on.

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