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5 Steps To Create A Custom Cap

Custom caps are among the most intriguing fashion items on the market. Like with sneakers, they can give you that extra flavor for the streets. They are also amazing for parties as they tell a lot about persona while providing something that most brands are unable to do – a unique style!

                Creating your own custom cap is pretty straightforward. In fact, you can say it takes less time than browsing the stores to find the right fit. Most online stores that create custom caps have a streamlined process that allows even newbies to create an ideal product.

Here is the easy process that most custom cap stores have!

Start by choosing the cap type

You always start cap creation by choosing a specific cap type. Keep in mind there are lots of choices at your disposal. Cap types are usually very similar but it also depends what kind of diversity store offers. That being said, if cap type in particular is something you’re looking forward, you should browse store that have specific types that you need. While cap type is not that important going forward (in a sense that it doesn’t affect your design as much) it will be used as a foundation and might affect the size of your text or image.

Choosing the base color

Most companies have a limited number of colors at their disposal. The palette can go from 8 to 12. In rare occasions, it will go above that. For some people, the choice of colors is the main reason why they would give advantage to one company over another. However, having the right base color is very important as it might affect how your text or image mashes with the rest. Needless to say, if you require a specific color that symbolizes your brand, this should be your main priority.

Proceed with your image

People usually create custom items just because of a logo or an image they want to have on their clothes. This image can be a company logo or something else that might be important to you. Anyway, you have lots of options at your disposal and you should definitely have fun with it! Keep in mind that images and logos can be created at home; you can even draw them by hand! Later on, when you want to create your end item, all you need to do is bring the design along with you and present them to the custom hat shop.

Adding text

Now, keep in mind that text is completely optional. To be honest, image is also but most people will never create a custom hat without adding an image or logo to it. It is a bit different when it comes to text. Some people prefer having just text. Others, like to combine it with a logo or image. It all depends. You can easily create text on the spot and this is one of the easier parts of cap creation. If you’re purchasing your custom hat online, sites allow you to choose your own font, size and what will the text say.

Finishing details

When you decide on all these elements, you’re finally ready to order your own custom cap. But don’t be hasty as you have a lot of time to decide on an idea. The most important thing is to be certain that this is a design you would like. Most online custom cap companies allow you to save your project for a while until you’re fully certain that you’ll make the purchase. So, take your time and enjoy the creation process!

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