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Perks Of Not Talking About Yourself Too Much 

Well, often you come across people who love to talk- about themselves! You often pass them as self-centered or selfish individuals. Endless talking about yourself may lead to more harm than good, and people may end up avoiding you because of this. 

Talking is part of both professional and personal life. With proper small talk and conversation, you can make friends and good solid acquaintances in your personal life. On the professional front, proper conversation skills help people maintain their professional career with an appositive attitude. 

Deepak Shukla, a modern-day thinker, and entrepreneur offers a heartwarming conversation on how to stop talking about yourself. You can visit his blog to gain knowledge and tips on personality development, tech and business ideas, and many other exciting ideas. 

So, it is clear that talking less about yourself will offer you some positive effects. But, what will the benefits be? Let’s take a look- 

World is Different from Your Imagination 

In this digital era that we now live in, people often talk a lot about themselves, which often comes from a deep mental instability. As people are moving faster in life, we are constantly comparing ourselves to other without even realizing it. Hence, some people start to feel inferior and may unintentionally resort to talking too much to make others believe that you are living in a happy and secure lifestyle.  

When you stop talking too much and instead holistically focus on yourself, you find that the world is different from Insta posts, Facebook stories etc. It often allows you to gain a much more positive outlook on your life. 

You Gain more Friends Easily 

 Talking less about yourself offers you another advantage. You can make more friends. Having a genuine conversation with others, minus the bragging, helps you to mentally bond with others. It often attracts people. Hence, you gain more friends, and your social circle grows as you develop a better personality. 

You Become a Better Person 

One of the best solutions on how to stop talking about you is to become a good listener. If you stop talking too much about yourself or your achievements, you instead start to listen more. You become a good listener instead of a mindless speaker.  

Empathy is a crucial quality, and every human being should be empathetic to others. As you develop your listening skills, you become more emotionally attached to others and look inside instead of their outward appearances. 

Hence, you start to build an emotional connection with others. As a result, you begin to empathise with others, and it grows into a genuine feeling. It offers you chances to build healthier and more intimate relationships. After all, there are only a few listeners in the world! 

Get more Time to Focus Yourself 

Instead of talking more, you can use your action to prove your worth. When you stop talking too much, you get more time for yourself. You can use those hours or minutes to learn a new skill or even develop your personality. Taking personality quizzes may also help you understand your surroundings and personality. Hence, you get more chances to reflect upon yourself. The result? You get to know yourself better and can improve yourself as a person and a professional individual. 


You may need to talk about yourself at different stages of your life. Cutting down the excessive self-talk helps you become a better person from your core. You will delve deeper and find new ways that help you realize being a good listener.  

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