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Neurocore at the Core of Advanced Brain Function to Promote Body and Mind Wellness

Neurocore brain training centers specialize in brain performance for children and adults to help in stress management, improve concentration and enhance sleep. They use data-driven assessments to provide training programs across its nine brain centers based in Florida and Michigan. The company was founded in 2004 and has grown to become a national authority in neuroscience with about 200 employees specializing in the field. The brain is the most powerful organ in the body because it controls how people think, their feelings, behavior and perception. The brain uses millions of neurons to generate chemicals which regulate our activity. The result is a thought, feeling, idea and even the understanding to process complex information such as the brain itself.

Users of neurofeedback

Scientists are now making use of advanced brain mapping, neurofeedback and EEG technology to understand better how the brain works and improve its functions. The company has begun using this knowledge to treat neurological disorders, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD and ASD and also to enhance mental acuity. It combines neurofeedback with heart rate variability (HRV) training, a kind of biofeedback. The method retrains your brain subconsciously by using therapeutic breathing methods to regulate the breath pattern. If you are looking for results not only in enhanced mind and body but a stronger mind-body connection then you can find a naturopathic doctor near me.

Many athletes and franchises are now using the neurofeedback as part of their training regimens. Some of the people using this technique include the Portland Trail Blazers, who have partnered with Neurocore to add a brain room to their training facilities. They have added technology in the brain room, which helps to train the function of the brain, respiratory and cardiovascular levels by detecting stress, recovery and relaxation techniques.

Neurocore has made use of public technology and techniques that have been around for decades. Also, if the trend continues, then people are bound to witness better advancements in neurofeedback and biofeedback research than ever before. Currently, psychological factors are being investigated to determine their effects on neurofeedback. They include the influence of feedback, experimental instructions and rewards, sense of urgency, and focus of control. Once the factors are ascertained, the specialists can keep improving their research and technology.

Mental illnesses

Some of the common mental issues that the company addresses are sleeping disorders, anxiety, ADHD, ASD, Migraines, stress, memory, and depression. They offer a core program, which relies on the brain’s default ability to undergo change and become more powerful than before. They use a science-based approach with the latest technology in brain mapping and neuroimaging to engage the brain in real time while addressing a variety of issues, such as focus, memory, depression, and migraines among others.

The other program used is the memory boot camp, which is proactive and integrated to address the issues of memory especially with the aging brain. The program contains personalized cognitive and brain training exercises, diet coaching, sleep, relaxation, exercise, and using your brain coach to monitor your memory. To get started at this company, you will be required to go through an assessment program that uses EEG technology to carry out a brain analysis, breathing, and heart rate analysis and other clinical tests designed to demonstrate what is going on in your brain.

Once an assessment is done, you then get a personalized program designed to suit your needs. Positive reinforcement, neurofeedback sessions, and repetition are then used to train your brain to improve function and efficiency. Not only is neurofeedback a non-drug, reward-based training system, but it can help many people who are suffering from a range of mental health ailments to lead a better life. And some people are now choosing this treatment path instead of others for the very reason that it prioritizes the improvement of the mental health of all their patients. They monitor your progress throughout the program, and on completion, a final assessment is done. It is then compared with the initial assessment to determine improvement levels.

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