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3 Things to Do on a Trip to Miami

Sometimes you’ve just got to get away from it all, and take a well-earned vacation. And when you do take that vacation, you’ll obviously want to ensure that it’s worth the effort, and that you get to have plenty of fun, and experience plenty of relaxation, as a result.

There are all sorts of different ways in which you can make a vacation worthwhile. You could, for example, disappear to Yellowstone National Park for a while, and get busy communing with nature.

Or, you could book a quiet cottage in a sleepy seaside town, and just relax.

Then again, one eternally popular option is to find a good city, with plenty of character and energy, and spend your vacation there. This tends to be an especially good idea for people who “want it all,” as cities will often have more attractions on offer than you could know what to do with.

On that note, here are a few things to do on a trip to Miami.

Take a speed boat tour of the city

When you go on a tour of most cities, there tends not to be an option to do it by speedboat. But this is Miami, so normal rules don’t apply.

Simply make your way down to Bayside Marketplace, and you’ll be able to join a Miami Boat ride of the city that takes you past the US Coast Guard Station, zooms you past the exclusive district of South Beach, gives you a good view of the millionaire’s mansions on Star Island, and lets you see the iconic city skyline from Fisherman’s Channel.

Of course, you could always just look up boat rental Miami, and get onto the water on your own terms, as well. You don’t just have to rent a boat in Miami either, if renting a boat is something that is of huge interest to you, then you’ll be pleased to know that you there are other companies out there (in different locations) to help you rent the boat you want. For example, you could rent out these Adventuress Luxury Catamaran if you wanted – the decision is up to you.

Visit the Everglades, and meet some alligators

Florida is world-famous for the Everglades, and for the fearsome, prehistoric creatures known as alligators that inhabit them.

Miami, being a slick city, may not seem much like gator territory to you, but you can easily arrange for a morning-pickup tour from your hotel that takes you into the Everglades, and shows you around on an authentic airboat, for at least half an hour at a stretch.

This could be a great way of breaking up your trip with a little bit of nature in between all the urban sites and attractions.

Try out the cuisine in Little Havana

Miami, as many people know, is home to a bustling Cuban community, and that means that there are plenty of places in the city to find some seriously delicious Cuban cuisine.

Little Havana is the place you want to be if this seems like a good way of spending your trip, and it’s possible to get a guided tour of the district that is specifically focused on taking you to the best restaurants and assorted eateries to be found.

Here, you can fill up on traditional dishes, get some of the best coffee you’ve ever tried, and find out more about the culture of the island, and its expat community.

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