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5 Quick Meals for Delicious Lunch

For many of us lunch is the favorite part of our day but that’s typically not because of the food itself. Often, it’s that break from the built up stresses or it’s that time to schedule or attend an appointment. The social aspects of lunch, be it meetings with that perfect potential client or who could be your next boss, are often way harder on us than what we’ll choose to eat.

What if that wasn’t the case anymore? Just because you have so much going on in your life doesn’t mean the food you eat can’t be delicious. For those unsure, here’s a few perfect ideas to once again make the favorite part of your lunch the food you are eating.

Avocado Toast

There’s not much more to it than what’s in the name so don’t stress about not having time for something as good as this. It might be a little tricky to pull this off in the office break room but for those at home it’ll be little work to grab an avocado out of the fridge while your bread of choice is getting nice and toasty. 

Feel free to experiment with this one too. Some perfect ideas to start are adding tomatoes or a fried egg, but keep in mind those might not be great at the same time.

Overnight Oats

No one knows you better than yourself. If you are someone that can’t have one more thing to add to your day, maybe getting something prepped the night before might be the right call. Regardless of when you are choosing to prep these, there’s few things easier (and healthier) than this. 

Turkey Wraps

Here’s another easy option that can be kept as blank of a slate as you’d like it. Obviously, you’ll take your favorite type of wrap and whatever turkey you think will go the best with it. Once you have the two major pillars knocked out, everything else will quickly fall into place when thinking about what types of cheeses or veggies you’d also like to have as part of your lunch.

If this is all still sounding a little bland to you, spread a thin layer of pepper jelly as the first thing on your wrap. Once you add in all the sweetness and spice it offers, you’ll never want to have something else for lunch ever again. 

An Omelet

Who really gets to decide what’s breakfast and what’s lunch? You do, that’s who. More and more of us aren’t even eating earlier than lunch so if this is the first meal of your day, starting off with something that’s equally healthy as it is delicious is never a bad choice to make.   


For what they lack in healthiness, burgers make up for it in taste and convenience. The major factor of ease is the same whether you are out in the world and need to pick something up as quickly as possible or you are at home without much time on your hands. 

For the pros and those in the their home kitchens, depending on how your like your burgers dressed up, this quick and easy lunch doesn’t need to be all that much more effort than placing it on the grill (or in a pan), flipping once in the middle of cooking, and there you have it.

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  • Lauryn R

    These are great lunch ideas, thanks for sharing! I am someone that can’t just eat a sandwich every day for lunch, I get tired of it quick! I am always trying to come up with more exciting things to make.

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