6 Methods to Stop Mice from Entering Your Home

Mice can be irritating to have around the house, to say nothing of how they can be a threat to your health. Use these helpful methods to keep them out of your home for good. 

Pests, especially mice, can be an enormous pain for any homeowner. Once they get inside the house, they can wreak all kinds of havoc, from chewing on wires to making nests inside your insulation. Like other inconveniences, it’s usually better to prevent an infestation before it even begins. 

All this means some preparation is required on your part to keep pests out, where they belong. Here are six useful tips for keeping mice outside of the house where they can’t do much damage. 

1)Remove food sources – One resource mice look for when they enter a house is an ample food supply. Mice and rats are opportunistic feeders that will eat any food you discard, including leftovers and pet food. Protect your home from infestation by thoroughly cleaning any messes that may provide food for mice. Clean up any spills as well (e.g. water); mice also look for water sources. Mouse-proof your pantry and kitchen as well to keep mice out of food where you can’t see it. Use tightly sealed storage containers to store your food (including pet food and bird seed) that might tempt mice. 

2)Get rid of potential habitats – Mice also enter looking for places to stay. They prefer dark, forgotten spaces in the house (e.g. in basements, attics, and closets). Pay special attention to these locations as that’s where you’re likely to find where mice have made their nests. Also remember to remove any clutter and debris around the house. Collections of old, forgotten things (e.g. cardboard boxes, piles of clothing, and old furniture) can be dark and cozy enough to be tempting to mice. 

3)Look for cracks – One vulnerability for any home is the presence of cracks and openings in the walls and foundation. Mice and other pests (e.g. rats and bats) can use these cracks to gain easy entry into your home. Mice are very flexible animals, and can easily fit through any opening as long as their heads fit through it. Hire a pest control in Collingwood to inspect your home’s exterior for any cracks that might prove to be vulnerabilities. They can take a close look around your doors and windows (especially the garage doors) and may suggest sealing any holes with sturdy materials like sheet metal or concrete mortar. 

Image by Karsten Paulick from Pixabay

4)Seal off potential entrances – Aside from cracks, there are other vulnerabilities that can provide an entry for mice. For example, your drain and cable outlets can let mice in if the hole is large enough for them to fit. Mice may also get in through chimneys and vents if there aren’t any measures in place to prevent entrance. Consider installing screens on these entry points to present more of an obstacle for entry. Give the trees in your yard the same scrutiny. Trees with overhanging branches can allow mice to climb along the branches and get inside. Give your trees regular trimming to prevent entry from that approach. 

5)Check your entry points – Your own entrances can permit mice entry into the house, especially if you’re in the habit of leaving doors open. Make a habit of keeping the doors closed instead to avoid giving mice a chance to dart in when you’re not looking. In summer, many homeowners keep the doors open to let the breeze in and beat the heat. Install screen doors to let the air in, and keep the mice out. 

6)Employ repellants – For a more eco-friendly method of keeping mice away, try using natural repellents. Mice are naturally repelled by some herbs like bay leaf and mint. Place some potted plants near places where mice tend to enter or stay (e.g. closet doors, windows, and the basement). Alternatively, you can sprinkle some essential oils around the house. They’re not only fragrant, but they can also disrupt mice from staying. 

While removing mice may require help from professionals Pest Control in Richmond Hill like JDM Pest Control, the ideal solution is to prevent them from entering. Try these methods around the house to discourage mice from ever entering and hopefully prevent an infestation before it starts. 

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