4 Makeup Product Trends You’ll Love Trying in 2020

The state of beauty is constantly evolving, and the start of a new year often brings about significant changes. 2019 saw the rise of the natural “no makeup” makeup look and a significant decline in harsh Kardashian-style contouring; in 2020, we’re looking at a softer, dreamier aesthetic and liberal use of vibrant color. Below are some of the hottest trends you’re going to want to try for yourself in 2020:

Natural Lips

To all the girls who struggled to collect every single shade of the Kylie lip kit since the product launched in 2015: we hope you’ve enjoyed your time in the sun. Matte is out this 2020, and lip trends on both the runway and red carpet are veering towards flushed tones in earthy colors with just a hint of gloss for a truly “My Lips But Better” look. What a relief for those of us with chapped, dehydrated, and flaky lips, right? To wear it, simply pick out your favorite nude vegan lipstick and top it off with a dab of balm or a glossy lip topper. 

Then there’s the blurred lip trend, where you blur the edges of your bold lip color along the outline of your lips instead of staying within the marked lines of your lipliner. It’s a great way to wear a bold color and not worry about keeping it neat the entire time.

Anti-Pollution Base Products

Prioritizing good skin over layeringmakeup on just to hide the flaws has been in vogue for a while, and both makeup and skincare companies have risen to consumer demand for multi-use products. There’s more makeup that usesgood-for-you ingredients available in stores than ever before, and we’ve all benefited from it. 

In 2020, the big thing in skincare-infused makeup is pollution protection, which creates an additional layer of defense against environmental aggressors such as polluted air and blue light. Most base products that have the feature will say so clearly on the label; you can also keep a weather eye out for products that contain antioxidant ingredients such as vitamins C and B and minerals like zinc oxide and titanium oxide.

Clean, Cruelty-Free Beauty

The fight for our planet made mainstream headlines in 2019, when 16-year-old Greta Thunberg admonished world leaders during her speech at the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit and when people became more aware of the devastating Amazon rainforest firesthat have decimated over 906,000 hectares and counting of forested land. More and more people are making significant lifestyle changes in a bid to reduce waste and carbon emissions and preserve natural resources. This mindset has changed the way that consumers buy products and has since spilled over into the beauty space as well, motivating brands to follow more environmentally-friendly manufacturing, packaging and shipping practices. 

Green is in this 2020, and it’s the easiest, most responsible choice to make. The best part is that going green encourages you to consume less, which means that you don’t have to buy a shiny new product to stay current. Use up your existing products before buying new, streamline your skincare routine, and endeavor to eschew single-use non-recyclable materials in your makeup!

Color Everywhere

Good news for color lovers: 2020 is your time to shine. Sticking to neutral eyeshadow hues will always be a safe and classic choice, but this year we are all encouraged to dip into the bolder, wilder pans that we seldom use in our palettes. Yes, there is a way to wear neon in public without looking like you’re headed to a rave. Just dab the color into the corners of your eyes for a subtle but definitely present pop. Watercolor eyes are a thing this year, too, and it involves softly going all around the eye with either one pastel shade or an assortment of them, applying gently but purposefully for a look that’s straight out of a Monet painting. 

This year, the trends are all but challenging makeup wearers to try something new and out of the ordinary, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun. The start of 2020 is a great time to do something new, like trying an ultra-glossy lip or pastel-colored shadow. 

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