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My Savvy Review Of LaurDIY’s Crystal Chandelier & Mini Planters Craft Kits @Mattel @SMGurusNetwork

My Savvy Review Of LaurDIY’s Crystal Chandelier & Mini Planters Craft Kits @Mattel @SMGurusNetwork

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I am so excited to share a few LaurDIY Kits with you all as they make the perfect gift for kids 8 years old+ and to me…..getting the kids crafting and creating is a great way to get them to take a break from the tech filled lives that they live today. I absolutely loved crafting as a kid and I am sure it really started with the fact that every time I visited my grandmother she would encourage my sister and I to make and create things in her really cool craft room. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I absolutely looked forward to it every time I visited which is why I find these types of gifts to be the perfect gift as my kids and I spend time together crafting and creating….and that to me is priceless.

I checked out two LaurDIY kits… the LaurDIY Mini Planters Kit & the LaurDIY Crystal Chandelier Kit. These kits were inspired by Lauren riihimaki’s crafty tutorials, life hacks, and room decor ideas on YouTube and with these cool kits you can you can bring her style home with her various craft kits. The Mini Planters & Crystal Chandeliers Kits are both going to provide the kiddos with hours of crafting time and when they are done they will have some cool items to use to decorate their rooms…. I love!

The LaurDIY Mini Planters Kit is pretty cool and one that I really fell in love with as I have always loved the look of plants and I have plants throughout my home. With LaurDIY mini planters kit your little crafters can use their green thumbs to build a wooden stand, paint the pots with custom LaurDIY colors, and decorate them with stickers and glitter. Once done you add the included faux succulents to make the perfect accent pieces for their rooms or any room in the house.

This LaurDIY Mini Planters Kit includes 2 mini pots with inserts, 2 Faux plants, sticker sheet, 2 glitter packets, 4 paint pots, paint brush, wood stand, glue tube, and an easy-to-follow guide with step-by-step instructions and images.

The LaurDIY Crystal Chandelier Kit is another super fun craft kit that the kids will love! Your little creators will fold eight shapes to construct the hanging “crystals”, decorate them with pom poms and beads and then connect the crystals to form an incredible, iridescent, chandelier.

The LaurDIY Crystal Chandelier Kit includes 8 crystal shapes, 5 hangers, 40 pom poms, 32 iridescent beads, nylon string, a clip and connecting link, and an easy-to-follow guide with step-by-step instructions and images. Diyer’s of all ages can shine some light on their style with the crystal chandelier kit. This will be super fun for them as they can decorate their space once they are done!

So what do you think of the LaurDIY Crystal Chandelier Kit & LaurDIY Mini Planters Kit? Are they not the coolest? Make sure to be on the lookout for these kits as well as other LaurDIY kits that your kids can use to create and decorate! They are super cool and I work with my kids on them which makes them a great way to bond and create special memories with your kids!

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  • Donna

    Both of these kits look really neat. My oldest granddaughter loves crafts and would have so much fun with them!

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