Finger Foods You Won’t Be Able to Resist

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We have all had the typical ‘pigs in a blanket’ appetizer and while they are tasty, they are also getting a little old. It is time to branch out and try new finger foods that you and your guests won’t be able to resist. In fact, the finger foods served at a party can be what makes or breaks your event! This is an area that you should definitely put some consideration into and to help with your finger food menu, you may want to seriously look into finger food catering. A caterer can help design your menu and incorporate some of these awesome finger food ideas into your next party. Let’s take a look at some foods you are sure to love.

Bacon Endive Tomato Bites

If you are looking for a healthy finger food option that errs slightly on the sinful side, this is the one for you! Endive leaves are not only healthy but they also make the perfect cup for a tomato and bacon medley. There is something so great about being able to eat the whole finger food, no utensils, no mess no clean up needed!

To make these bites, simply toss diced tomato with cooked bacon crumbles, olive oil, dried basil, salt, pepper and a little champagne vinegar. This mix is then spooned into endive leaves and served chilled. Healthy and irresistible!

Strawberry Bruschetta

Classic bruschetta (made with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil) is a finger food party staple. Everyone loves it but, at the same time, it is getting a little overdone. So why not revamp it?! The idea behind this finger food is the same as the classic, a piece of crisp bread and a juicy topping- you can’t go wrong! Your guests are going to go crazy for this appetizer for sure.

Toss diced strawberries, grape tomatoes, basil, shallot, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, black pepper and sugar together. Add some goat cheese crumbles at the end and scoop onto French bread slices. A new classic is served!

Crab Cake Hush Puppies

Once again, it is time to make a classic finger food even better. Crab cakes can be found at almost any old party so why not make them a little different and a little better. If you are unfamiliar with hush puppies, they are a cornmeal fried batter which is typically served with a remoulade sauce. To make crab cake hush puppies, form crab cakes and then dip them into the hush puppy batter. Fry the crab cakes up until they are golden brown and serve warm. Crunchy cornmeal batter and luscious crab cake center is something you won’t be able to resist.

Sweet and Spicy Nut Mix

A good nut mix is something that people tend to overlook when planning a menu but, if you serve a nut mix at your next event, it will be gobbled up before you know it. There are a few reasons why a nut mix is the way to go. First, it is so easy to serve. Nut mix can be made ahead of time, doesn’t need to be served hot or cold and can simply be placed on a table for people to eat as they pass by. Second, nut mix can be sweet, spicy and salty, satisfying all of your taste buds in one bite.

A winning combination of flavors for a nut mix is to combine brown sugar, thyme, salt, cinnamon and red pepper flakes together. Then, toss this dry spice mix with melted butter and pecans and almonds in a bowl. Bake the mix until the nuts begin to brown then serve immediately or store in an airtight container.

Pizza Sticks

While a slice of pizza is technically a finger food (you do just eat it with your hands), it is not easy to socialize while holding a giant piece of pizza. You also probably cannot hold a drink in one hand and neatly eat a pizza in the other hand. Trying to eat a slice of pizza while socializing may also prove to be difficult. So what happens if you really want pizza on your menu (which many people do). Make Pizza sticks!

Rather than cut a pizza into large triangle slices, cut it into one inch wide, two inch long sticks. These are the perfect size for grabbing and eating in one to two bites, the ideal finger food size! So this with any kind of pizza you’d like, pizza sticks can be made with anything on them!

These five finger foods are going to make your next party a huge success. Your guests will love eating creative foods and be able to easily eat and mingle at the same time. To take some of the stress off of you, a finger food caterer is the way to go. This way, you can relax and just enjoy the foods as well!

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14 Replies to “Finger Foods You Won’t Be Able to Resist”

  1. All of these finger foods sound delicious! I have never had crab cake hush puppies, but I have a feeling that they would be a favorite! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Debra Branigan says:

    I am going to try the strawberry bruschetta and the nuts. Thanks for the recipes.

  3. Cris Henry says:

    The Nut Mix looks divine! I always love a nice twist on a classic!!

  4. I love appetizers and finger foods… bruschetta being one of my faves. I love the strawberry bruschetta idea!

  5. (Finger Foods You Won’t Be Able to Resist) Now this is the types of food I like to make when I entertain a few guests. Many of these are really easy to make too, so that’s even better for me.

  6. Love the idea of strawberry bruschetta. Is there anything strawberries won’t make better?

  7. Daleine Kissinger says:

    I love the idea of Pizza Sticks and Strawberry Bruschetta; they sound delicious! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Brittany Routhier says:

    crab cake hush puppies sound delicious

  9. Beverly Johnson says:

    You’ll find me in the corner with a plate of Crab Cake Hush Puppies….lol

  10. Mary Songer says:

    Crab cake hushpuppies look and sound wonderful. I’m going to be making these for my next party.

  11. mary chapman says:

    The strawberry bruschetta looks delicious! A nice summertime treat!

  12. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    It is hard to choose a favorite, but it would probably be the crab cake hushpuppies. I shall have to try this recipe.

  13. MD Kennedy says:

    I love that these are so easy! And quite a change from the “usual” coconut shrimp, chicken skewers…..I can’t wait to make the crab and nut ones for my next dinner party!

  14. VICKI RAINS says:

    I would like to try the Pizza sticks. I also love crab cake just not sure about that being in a Hush Puppie

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