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My Child Refuses to Do Homework — How to Stop the Nightly Struggle Over School Work

As a parent the most important thing in life is your child or children. It’s natural to want the best for them and for them to have the opportunities that you never had. 

As an adult you recognize that sometimes this requires effort, such as completing homework. Children, on the other hand, are generally more concerned with the here and now, which can make it difficult to ensure they do their homework.

For many parents it becomes a struggle every night to get their children to do their homework. In some cases the parent even needs to verify the homework has been set to ensure their child gets it done. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way! You can ditch the nightly struggle and your child can stop coming up with homework excuses.

The Issue

The fundamental issue is actually one of mental attitude. Children are used to going to school and learning. They have a teacher, they listen, and they do the work they have to do. In short, they have a routine.

However, as soon as they come home their brains switch into play mode. The routine goes out of the window and they are looking to have fun. As soon as their brain is set on that mentality the idea of homework becomes the last thing they want to do.

It then becomes a battleground.

The Solution

Did you know that children that go to reputable early learning centers, like this childcare Liverpool, are generally better at studying throughout school. They are also more likely to succeed in life.

The key to this is that the child has developed a routine and is used to studying, both at school and at home.

This becomes the first step of your new approach with your children.

Your child will undoubtedly have a particular hobby, possibly the games console, perhaps a musical instrument. It doesn’t matter what. This is their reward for completing homework properly.

You need to create a routine. It should be what suits you but the reward always comes after the homework is properly completed.

For example, they come home from school, have a drink and a snack, do their homework, then get to do their hobby. 

It won’t be an instant success but by sticking to your schedule they will slowly learn that it’s simply what they have to do. It is best to do the homework earlier in the evening as this will then allow them to switch to free time mode.

Setting the schedule means doing the same every school night, even if they don’t have homework. If they have no homework they should read or do something similar, electronics and phones are a no during this time.

It is also important to ensure that everyone in your household is quiet during this time, it will help children to concentrate and get their homework done properly.

The second step in your new approach is simply to support them. Praise their efforts and the results. Getting praise will help to condition them to keep doing homework and even school work, even if you’re not present. 


  • Rosarian Academy


    This is definitely a struggle for lots of parents. I don’t remember doing this much homework and how it is done today in most schools. This could be the main reason for the struggles of kids today.

  • Joyce

    Great read! I couldn’t agree more with the mental attitude being the fundamental issue. I experienced that with my 2 boys before but later on as we build a routine they were able to get past that struggle. Pressuring them makes them refuse your tips really does help! Thank you!

  • Jay Aguirre

    Interesting read. I don’t think anyone in my family has ever had an issue with doing homework, but it definitely isn’t the most fun thing in the world

  • Catherine

    Great advice for those struggling with home education. I know a lot of families are struggling right now but patience is key.

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