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Best Plant-Based Meals You Surely Won’t Get Enough Of

When it comes to nutrition, the term “plant-based diet” is all the latest crazes. The benefits of eating a vegetarian diet are numerous and they include a reduced chance of heart disease, diabetes, and certain malignancies. Going plant-based does not mean you would only have to eat salads for the rest of your lives. Just be a bit creative and you surely would not even go back to meat-based foods afterwards.  

Here is a list of the best plant-based meals that would definitely make you come back in seconds.  

Chickpea curry 

Curry dishes are often linked with animal-based foods. However, curry can also be made with plant-based proteins. Try this Indian-style curry with chickpeas and basmati brown rice to liven things up while keeping costs down. This is because you would only need canned chickpeas, canned tomato sauce, spices, onions, and brown rice to make one whole hearty meal. 

Brown rice/quinoa-based meal  

What is the point of waiting till dinner to make the most out of your meals? There are so many delicious and nutritious plant-based lunch choices to work on. Brown rice or quinoa (usually cooked in a rice cooker) paired with sautéed veggies is a well-known plant-based go-to meal.  

You can add onions, peppers, broccoli, and black beans, or whatever else you have on hand to this meal. You may also add any of your favorite condiments such as soy or Buffalo sauce to amp up the flavor. Save time in the kitchen by cooking it in a huge batch and keep the rest in the fridge to have it for multiple meals. 

Whole roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce 

When we are talking about plant-based foods, we surely cannot miss roasted cauliflower in the list. This dish is loved by all, and it is pretty simple to cook. A whole Roasted Cauliflower is flavored with the all-time favorite Zaatar Spice, bursting the dish with Middle Eastern aromas. Then it is baked perfectly in the oven till it is soft and golden. When it is done, it will be aromatic and toasty with a delightful crust. Splash it with creamy Tahini Sauce for a nutritious, delectable vegan entrée (or side dish) that you will adore! 

Veggie Chili or any type of Vegan Chili you prefer  

When it comes to plant-based cuisine, there is a lot more you can throw in a pot to simmer than just the typical lentil soup. Another example is this reinterpretation of your favorite. Just omit the meat and increase the amount of vegetables. If you want the traditional flavor to remain, but also want to keep it plant-based, you can include steel-cut oats to give it a natural ‘beef’ tang. Beans, tinned tomatoes, onions, and some seasonings are the main ingredients. It is a low-cost dish that is simple to prepare in a slow cooker.  

It is crucial to note that plant-based food is a nutritional plan centred on vegetables that does not need the elimination of all animal-based foods. However, the lean meat in a standard three-bean chili stew can easily be withdrawn for a completely plant-based meal. 

Roasted Asparagus 

Most of us that go on a plant-based diet regime have the same ultimate goal in mind, to eat cleaner and stay healthier. A lot of plant-based recipes that were created often revolve around ingredients with the most nutritional benefits. Why not make your meals even healthier with an air fryer? One of the best plant-based dishes that can easily be made with an air fryer is roasted asparagus.  

The best way to roast asparagus is to just dump it in an air fryer as it is fast, and it comes out delightfully soft and crunchy! No fancy ingredients are required in this nutritious asparagus meal and there is not even a drop of oil. It only takes a few seasonings and approximately 7 minutes to make this nutritious side dish. 

Tofu and vegetable stir-fry 

Tofu with vegetables is a nutritious substitute for any meat-based foods. Toss some tofu with frozen or pre-chopped fresh veggies and teriyaki or sweet-and-sour sauce. This takes only a few minutes to prepare, and it can be served over pasta or rice for a filling and nutritious meal.  

Tofu can be considered a good substitute for red meat that can cause systemic inflammation. This classic Asian cuisine provides an effortless way to include a range of nutrient-dense vegetables in your food without the saturated fat, dietary cholesterol, and other disease-promoting chemicals present in animal products. 

Veggie pasta 

A plant-based diet can also include vegetarian pasta in addition to the traditional whole-grain pasta. You could also opt-in for whole-grain or legume pasta topped with marinara sauce and plenty of vegetables.  

For this dish, frozen veggies are an affordable and nutritious choice if you are looking to save some bucks. Veggie pasta and marinara sauce is one of the delightful ways to eat legumes or grains while also getting more greens into your diet. 

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