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Give That Special Someone The Gift Of Fragrance With Colognes from Pete & Pedro!

I absolutely love the New Year as it is a time of self reflection and goal setting plus in February, the New Year kicks off with one of my favorite Holidays that celebrates those that I love…. Valentine’s Day on February 14th! This year is all about self care for myself and for my husband and my go to for my husbands self care needs definitely includes Pete & Pedro. Pete & Pedro carries an amazing line of essentials to cover my husbands grooming needs and the most amazing line up of colognes for him too. I am going to gift him my two favorites from the Pete & Pedro cologne lineup… both LEGEND & VILLAIN colognes. They are the perfect addition to his fragrance collection and they are two of my favorites from the Pete & Pedro cologne lineup which mean Is get to enjoy my guy smelling good each and every day. Let’s take a look at each cologne and why each makes a fabulous scent for that special someone on your gift giving list too this Valentine’s Day or anytime!

A Bit about Pete & Pedro……

Pete & Pedro was started by YouTube sensation Aaron Marino and after years of building an audience with his down-to-earth, humorous, bold, and authentic videos on a whole slew of men’s topics from grooming to lifestyle to fitness, Aaron’s entrepreneurial eagerness consumed him. He was not happy at all with the styling products and aids he had been using for his dynamic hair and sought the sage advice of his world-renowned stylist Stephen Posta about starting a hair care line. After almost a year of development, grooming gold was struck and P&P was launched! Aaron has been on Shark Tank twice (once for Pete & Pedro!)and has been featured in countless publications and media from GQ to Inc. Now let me tell you why I love REBEL from Pete & Pedro…..

Pete & Pedro LEGEND Cologne

I am starting with LEGEND by Pete & Pedro as my husband is a legend for sure. With 27 years under our belt, I can’t imagine a life without him. With that being said, I love for him to feel, look and smell his best as it keeps that passion and romance alive and my go-to for my husbands fragrance needs has been Pete & Pedro for several years now. They are high quality colognes that smell crazy good for hours on end and I can get two bottles of them as compared to one bottle of cologne at my local department store, maybe even three. LEGEND is a game changer and just smells so good. It is a spicy, warm scent unlike any other and t has notes of citrus and spices that give way to a rich, luscious leather scent that is strengthened by a subtle and smooth combination of earthy, woods, tonic and floral accords. These are my kind of notes and I simply cannot get enough of this scent.

LEGEND by Pete & Pedro was a scent inspired by the legendary (and crazy expensive) Tom Ford F**King Fabulous scent that is an olfactory masterpiece. If you know that scent then you can imagine how amazing LEGEND is as Pete & Pedro made this one their own. I love it even more to be honest as it is wildly unpredictable yet perfectly in synch with the scent smelling of decadence and ecstasy on one side and pure elegance and class on the other. The perfect mix of naughty and nice which is perfection for my husband!

When you first smell LEGEND, the scent starts off with a nice blast of floral, citrus, and spice vibes that quickly grab your attention and then the concoction goes rogue with a wild heart sweet twist of vanilla and tonka notes. The end result is a fragrance that is warm and woody at its core as the legacy finish is all about the leather and manly mix of earthy woods that will no doubt leave others in awe when they get a whiff of you significant other. If you are unsure of whether to commit to a large bottle, Pete & Pedro create Deluxe Samples that have about 60 sprites in each and they are the perfect way to give them a try before you buy.

Pete & Pedro VILLAIN Cologne

VILLAIN is the newest scent for me that I gifted to my husband last year and we both fell in love with it which is why I am restocking his collection. VILLAIN by Pete & Pedro is a wicked scent that starts off with an alluring burst of spice with a clever transition and case notes of tobacco, vanilla, and woods that make this a powerful and legendary cologne that your man will love. This is honestly my new favorite and one that should not be missed when picking out a fabulous new scent for your special guy. It will leave your guy smelling like a sophisticate bad boy that we ladies just love!

VILLAIN was inspired by the super-popular and private blend Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla. This wicked scent starts off with an alluring pop of coriander and nutmeg spice that cleverly transitions to base notes of cinnamon spice, tobacco, vanilla, tonic, and woods that intertwine and dance together perfectly leaving both a remarkably warm, rough and rugged feel with a soft, fresh and sexy vibe that you and your man will enjoy. It lasts for hours too (4 to 6 to be exact) and it is a crazy good scent that you need to add to your guys fragrance collection. No more Mr Nice Guy gentleman…. VILLAIN has arrived!

VILLAIN by Pete & Pedro is also available in a Deluxe Sample so that you can give it a try before committing to the bottle and you can purchase samples individually or sample their entire cologne collection via a Deluxe Sample of each cologne too. Each sample lasts though 60+ spritzes so that is lots of fragrance of a sample and the perfect way to try.

So what do yo think of LEGEND & VILLAIN Colognes by Pete & Pedro? Are you still on the hunt for the perfect gift for that special guy in your life, maybe your son, cousin or Father/Husband? Pete & Pedro has you covered as they have the best fragrances for men that will make the perfect gift anytime of the year and it is perfection for Valentine’s Day too! I have reviewed REBEL by Pete & Pedro, HERO and also VILLAIN and they are all equally fabulous! Check out Pete & Pedro online and make sure to visit them on social media too PLUS Right now… Use code MCUSHING10 at the checkout to save 10% Off !!!


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