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Benefits of Setting up a Retirement Plan for the Employees of Small Businesses 

When you are involved in a small business, the right 401k plan will provide you with the benefits in the competitive job markets. With the different employment opportunities, top candidates will weigh both the pros and the cons of a 401k plan as one of the factors. If you want to provide a much smarter benefit with the 401k plan, you can also offer additional tax benefits.  

Benefits of Offering 401K Plan to Employees  

There may be many misconceptions about the 401k plan with the costs and the resources. Business owners may have a belief that the 401k plan is not right for them or they may be unaware of the several benefits. These are some of the benefits for small business employees when they grab the opportunities of a 401k plan. 

*Your business can take the advantage of retirement plans that may go up to $5000 a year for over 3 years. When you are starting with a new plan, the total tax credit may go up to $16500 

*All the expenses of the 401k plan are tax-deductible including the contributions of the employer like the profit-sharing  or matching the contributions with the employees 

*This plan helps in making your business attractive and competitive towards the employees and therefore top talents can be retained in your business. 

Set Up A 401K Plan for Your Business Employees  

Before setting up your 401K plan for your employees, you need to do proper research just similar before taking any important decision. If you are doubtful about taking a decision on your own, you can take professional help from 

*Research For Options – You should do your research work properly and make sure you are selecting the company that provides third-party administration services of the 401k plans. You can also get some valuable words from business owners who are offering 401k plans to their employees. 

*Select The Best Option- Depending on the requirements of your employees, a retirement service provider should be decided. Businesses can be with one employee only or can be regardless of the size, you will be offered options like  

1.Safe Harbor Plan- Many variations are offered which can make necessary contributions. The contributions will benefit the business owner, the employees, and the company itself by providing them the greater ability for maximizing deferrals of the salary. 

2. Traditional 401K Plan- This is a very flexible plan where the employers can make contributions for all the interested participants by matching the employee deferrals or can do neither or both. 

3. Automatic Enrollment 401K Plan- In this plan, the employees will be automatically enrolled for the 401k plan. The deductions from the salaries of the employees are automatic and only be opted out when the employees decide.  


401K plan is not only beneficial for large businesses; it also benefits the employees of small businesses. In the traditional plan the employers can match their contributions with the employees and in the automatic enrolment plans the contributions are automatically deducted from the salaries of the employees. 

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