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Melbourne, Australia’s Foodie Paradise 

Melbourne, A Cosmopolitan Foodie City 

Melbourne, founded in 1835 on the banks of the Yarra River, is known for being a modern, cosmopolitan melting pot of varied, colourful, and exciting cultures – and with them, their cuisines.  

Indeed, Melburnians are certainly spoilt for choice in terms of food options in Melbourne, thanks to its ethnically varied, multicultural, and largely migrant community – as well as the rich cultural heritage many Melburnians have brought with them, to the city they now call home. 

Exhibitions at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum can attest to this shared and rich cultural history, and also tell the story of how Melbourne came to be such a multicultural, cosmopolitan haven – in which Melburnians can share the spoils of their varied cultural backgrounds – including traditions passed down through generations, customs from places Melburnians once lived, and of course – the food! 

Popular Foodie Spots in Melbourne 

Dining in Melbourne’s CBD is the perfect way to enjoy new, different cuisines and explore the rich cultural food varieties available, as well as spending quality leisure time with family and friends.  

Breakfast in Melbourne is a particularly indulgent activity, with decadent “brekky” treats on offer at the many bustling cafes, restaurants, and luxury hotels that line the city’s streets. 

The Collins Street Precinct, also known as the “Paris End of Melbourne”, has a multitude of options for city-goers wishing to dine out, feast, and indulge the senses. Breakfasters can even book a “Bottomless Brunch” and pair their poached eggs with endless mimosas and sparkling champagne (usually over a 2 to 3-hour sitting). A delightful way to spend a morning in the city – perhaps before visiting one of the many wonderful exhibits at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)! 

The Bourke Street area of the city is also a great option, with breakfast on Bourke Street Melbourne being a popular activity for many brunch-seekers! End the weekend on a positive note with a decadent, indulgent Sunday breakfast at one of Melbourne’s luxury hotel restaurants – you won’t regret it! 

Chapel Street in vibrant South Yarra is also popular with locals – particularly the younger, “Smashed Avocado” generation. Boasting a trendy, hip vibe – diners can enjoy their Soy Latte with a side of people watching along the busy strip – and perhaps some window shopping to follow. 

The Best Breakfast Treats in Melbourne 

There is no doubt about it – the Smashed Avocado sensation has taken over Melbourne as the most popular breakfast item by far – needless to say, it is highly unlikely to enter any Melbourne cafe or brunch venue to see the humble “Smashed Avo” missing from their menu. In fact, with most locals opting for this very Melbourne breakfast dish of, quite literally, Avocado mashed up with goats cheese or feta, seeds, and herbs such as dukka, and often served a liberal dusting of sweet, brightly coloured pomegranate seeds that “pop” in the mouth – it would be rude not to! 

However, smashed Avocado and Soy Lattes aside, there are many delicious breakfast and brunch options to be found in Melbourne. The now world-famous Cruffin, a popular combination of flaky, buttery French Croissant and moist, fluffy muffin, is a mouth-watering concoction made from both puff pastry and muffin dough – often dusted generously in cinnamon and sugar for the ultimate, decadently sweet sugar hit! A must-try. 

Hailing from the streets of Prague, Czech Republic, and also seen along the banks of the Danube in Budapest, Hungary – the popular Chimney Cake craze has reached the streets of Melbourne in the most delicious way possible. Often served with Nutella or a variety of other toppings such as strawberries, chocolate sauce or even ice cream – the crispy and crunchy on the outside, soft and mushy on the inside Chimney Cake can also be the main attraction, letting its light shine with just a simple dusting of cinnamon or sugar. 

Last but not least, the simple donut is also a popular treat, with many pop-up gourmet donut shops lining Melbourne’s little arcades and laneways. Often no more than a hole in the wall, Melbourne’s donut shops boast a variety of multiple different donut topping flavour combinations – some as decadent as peanut butter and snickers bars, other more simple, tried and true recipes such as simple jam donuts with icing sugar. Either way, they are delicious! 

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