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Make Every Day Greener With These Cool Earth-Friendly Products In 2020

With Earth day around the corner it is the perfect time to think about making every day greener by getting into the habit of using environmentally friendly products and materials each and every day. It is the perfect way to bring awareness and reduce our carbon footprint and help us uphold our role as keepers of the planet and its water. Even the smallest of gestures can add up and make a huge impact on the environment….whether it be that you are choosing to use recycled goods, use natural cleaning products, or finding ways to ditch plastic products and bags and instead buying reusable items (or biodegradable ones) made with sustainable, all natural materials. Every little thing that we do every day adds up and it all makes a huge impact.

This shopping list of cool, resuable eco-friendly products that I have fallen in love with will help you to ditch the plastic baggies and packaging, clean with the power of probiotics, stay warm with recycled products made in the USA and more — all in the name of being more environmentally friendly.

1) Sukk Stainless Steel Extendable Drinking Straws

Sukk offers your need for a straw in a sustainable, compact and awesome kind of way and I love these! Sukk Stainless Steel Extendable Drinking Straws are made with food grade stainless steel and are oxidation free, dishwasher safe, virtually unbreakable, and retractable and extendable to fit any size glass or cup. Each Sukk Straw comes with a Vegan Leather Carry Case and all Sukk Straw orders are shipped in 100% compostable shipping bags as they care about sweet Mother Earth! 

2) VEO Active-Probiotics Surface Cleaner

Change the way you clean with VEO Active-Probiotics Surface Cleaners. VEO uses the cutting-edge science for a deeper, long-lasting clean like you’ve never seen before. With VEO Active-Probiotics you will go microscopically clean as the active-probiotics help to biodegrade the dirt and grime whenever you use it and it provides up to 3 days of surface protection. I love it and let me tell you…the scent is unbelievable! It is Apple and Jasmine and after I am done cleaning, the scent in my kitchen and bathrooms from the cleaner is so fresh and inviting. Check out this video which show you more on this new revolutionary way to clean.

VEO Active-Probiotics Surface Cleaners are available in two fragrances….Apple and Jasmine and Citrus Blossom. I am in love with the Apple and Jasmine and cannot wait to try the Citrus Blossom next.

Go Where Clean Has Never Gone Before & Enjoy The Benefits:

*Microscopic Deep Clean

*Up to 3 Days Surface Protection

*99% Biodegradable Formula

*Free From Chlorine Bleach, Formaldehyde, Phosphates, & Quats

*Uses 95% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic

*Recyclable Packaging

*Easy Spray Trigger

*Beautifully Crafted Fragrances

3) Jack & Mary Designs Go USA Mittens

Jack & Mary makes artfully crafted accessories from recycled sweaters and each and every item on their site is fabulous! I fell in love with the fact that their gorgeous products are made from recycled sweaters and most especially because they are crafted right here in the USA in Maine! They have a selection of products ready to purchase and they also have a REWEAR shop which is perfect for anyone that has a drawer full of sweaters that they do not wear anymore OR that maybe you have a snag in. If this applies to you then you can take advantage of Jack & Mary Designs REWEAR shop and instead of tossing your old sweaters out…. you can send them to Jack & Mary Designs and they will recycle your old sweaters into beautiful mittens and more!

I picked up a pair of Jack & Mary Designs Go USA Mittens as I have a Navy Wool Peacoat that I knew these would be perfect for and with my growing up in a huge military family, I always love wearing anything Red, White & Blue!

These gorgeously crafted mittens went well above my expectations! These are crafted beautifully and I will cherish them forever! These Jack & Mary mittens are created from recycled wool sweaters, lined with cozy fleece and finished with a button. The wonderful mittens are extremely cozy and warm and are the perfect size for a females hands. 

4) Lotus Trolley Bags 

Here in New York plastic bans are banned as of March 1st 2020 and all of last year you had to purchase the plastic bags if you used them and I am truly loving this as it is helping to eliminate all of those plastic bags that end up everywhere…even in our oceans. In comes Lotus Trolley Bags as they are the perfect reusable shopping bag for your grocery shopping needs or any of your shopping needs honestly. 

Lotus Trolley Bags are the only reusable shopping bag that everyone needs. Each bag has a purpose and I just find it super easy to organize and bag my groceries when using these wonderful bags. You receive a 4 bag set including a large insulated bag which is super handy for your refrigerated and freezer items. You also receive:

*Special Patent Protected Features

*Egg & Wine Pockets

*Mold Resistant Mesh Bottoms

*Durable Double Stitching & Removable Rods

*Machine Washable

*Fits Standard Grocery Store Carts

*Pockets Fro Produce Bags & Small Items

*Detachable & MultiPurpose

5) Lotus Trolley Produce Bags

With Lotus Trolley Reusable Produce Bags you will eliminate the need for those plastic produce bags and every little bit helps which is why these are my new go to’s! I am seriously obsessed with these bags and will be picking up another set. You receive a set of 9 reusable produce bags, 3 large, 3 medium and 3 small. 

I love that the Lotus Trolley Produce Bags are ultra light and color coded, food safe, BPA FREE, durable and machine washable.

These Lotus Trolley Produce Bags are super versatile too which I love and can be used for anything you can think of. You can even make juices and nut milks in these and rinse the veggies directly in the bag too! These are the perfect way to eliminate those flimsy plastic produce bags from the store plus they compliment your Lotus Trolley Shopping Bags perfectly too.

6) Zak Genesis Water Bottles

Zak Genesis Water Bottles are the perfect way to cut out the one time use plastic water bottles that are clogging up our landfills and oceans. These are break-resistant & BPA-free which is a must for me when selecting reusable water bottles. Zak Gensis Water Bottles are made of durable Tritan plastic, which is BPA-free and food grade quality and these bottles are perfectly designed so that your grip will stay secure via the grooves molded into the sides of their bottles.

So what do you think of these earth-friendly products that will help to bring awareness and reduce your carbon footprint on Mother Earth? Let’s all do our part as together we can make the difference and every one of these products is the perfect way to start s check them out today and leave some comment love below telling me your thoughts or suggestions of other amazing earth-friendly products that I can be on the lookout for. I always enjoy hearing form you so leave come comment love today! 


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