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Key Ways To Reduce The Discomfort Caused By Arthritis

Arthritis is a frustrating condition that can see sufferers experience regular discomfort and pain. You can also learn about arthritis pain in your feet.  If you or a friend or family member suffers from this illness, then you should know that there are many ways to combat the condition, like through the use of medical marijuana and creams for arthritis that contains CBD oil can also help. Your health should be your top priority, so if you are thinking that this could be a step worth taking, you will need to get a medical marijuana card in Dayton, Ohio to start this process. The best CBD cream for arthritis pain may surprise you with the results, but there’s only one way to find out. Be sure to do your research before going ahead with anything. Also, the methods below may be of assistance. Of course, it’s always recommended that a doctor is consulted before major changes are implemented.

1. Start Exercising Regularly

Low impact exercises have been shown to reduce the effects of arthritis. They can help strengthen joints, reduce stiffness, and develop the surrounding muscles.
Exercise also releases hormones that can boost your mood and give you more energy.

Now it’s always best to consult with a doctor to determine which exercises are appropriate. They may even advise you to look at various forms of process like prp treatment if you are finding it hard to deal with your arthritis, even with the help of exercising. Hopefully, you will find a solution very soon. Activities such as jogging may not be suitable as they can put a lot of stress on the joints. Often swimming is a better option because it is non-weight bearing. Others may find walking or light aerobics to be more ideal. It all depends on a person’s age and health levels.

2. Get a Massage

Regular massages not only feel great but they can also help reduce discomfort. Having the joints massaged directly can reduce pain and improve their range of motion.
Don’t select any massage therapist. It’s best to choose somebody that is experienced in treating people with arthritis pain.

3. Consider Acupuncture

This ancient Chinese medical treatment involves inserting needles into specific points of the body to stimulate the 14 major meridians (energy-carrying channels). Doing so is believed to reduce pain and restore the body’s chi (energy) balance.

People living with Arthritis may want to give it a try, and the best way to go about this is to find a fully-licensed practitioner.

4. Make A Diet Change

Research has shown a correlation between diet and arthritis symptoms. Certain foods may cause arthritis pain to flare up.

Consider consulting with a dietician who has experience dealing with people living with arthritis to see if there are any diet modifications that could be made.

5. Take Medication

Many patients take medication to manage arthritis symptoms. One of the most popular drugs on the market is Humira which is often prescribed to those with arthritis. Of course, there are many alternatives to Humira, and a drug that is right for one patient may not be suitable for another. That’s why it’s always best to consult a doctor for any questions about medication options. Arthritis sufferers may also want to try out what many are referring to as the best cbd cream for arthritis pain as a way to manage the physical effects of this condition.

6. Try Hot And Cold Treatments

Hot and cold treatments are used to alleviate discomfort from a variety of injuries, muscle aches, and illnesses. By taking long hot showers or baths, people living with arthritis may find that their joints loosen up. Applying an ice pack to sore joints can help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Final Thoughts

While these methods may be beneficial, it’s always best to consult with a doctor before starting new treatment or making lifestyle changes. A medical professional can give tailored advice on whether doing so is likely to be helpful for arthritis symptoms.


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