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5 Best CBD Hemp Flower Strains to Calm Your Mind

Are you having a bad day or a hard time calming your mind? You may want to try the beneficial effects of Cannabis flowers that you can find on this website, which can definitely help you feel calmer. It can provide relief on the bad days and relaxing effects which is a good way to release anxiety and tension in your mind and body.

If you are new to using hemp flowers to feel better, here are some of the best strains available in the market that you can try today.

Special Sauce – Stress and Anxiety

This unique flower is considered one of the highest CBD strains in the market due to its high CBD content and additional cannabinoids and terpenes. Best for nighttime use, Special Sauce can definitely help you unwind and take the stress and anxiety symptoms away and contains the best terpene for anxiety .

Special Sauce originated from Oregon developed by Oregon CBD by crossing the old Special Sauce with Early Resign Berry. As a result, a hoppy and citrusy with deep berry notes that you can smell and taste was introduced.

The strain is also reputable to patients with cancer, cramps and seizures as it can easily alleviate psychiatric problems like depression and panic attacks. Apart from this, Delta 8 Flowers would be the perfect option to choose if you are looking for the best CBD flowers.

Sour Space Candy – Mood Booster

A hybrid strain that is grown for its CBD content, Sour Space Candy is a user’s daytime delight. With a fragrant aroma and tastes like cherries and spicy ripe plums, it is best used in the morning as a mood booster.

The strain is a product of meticulous breeding by crossing CBD- heavy Sour Tsunami with a strong flavor profile and Early Resin Berry with more sour flavor.

Hawaiian Haze – Energy Booster

A premium and probably the best-selling sativa dominant strain in the market, Hawaiian Haze is as good as it sounds. This slightly less CBD-rich strain is a fan-favorite due to its energy boosting benefits which is great to start a day. Hawaiian Haze has a wonderful taste of tropical flowers and fruits.

The combination of Hawaiian and Haze genetics produces the best quality sativa effects. Its light and airy buds will make you feel that you are in the clouds. Many users also notice that using this strain makes them sociable and talkative.

Lifter – Relaxation 

With higher CBD content and dominant terpene profile compared to other strains, Lifter is one of the most popular strains when it comes to relaxation. What is terpene you ask? For cannabis users, terpenes are the best part of the plant. Lifter’s terpene profile includes alpha-terpinene, myrcene and linalool which are natural relaxant that can help your body and mind relax and have a better sleep.

Originally bred by Oregon CBD, Lifter was developed by crossing Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud with the purpose of creating a strain that is great for users who just want to relax. It comes with an interested blend of flavors and aromas that leans more toward berries and tropical fruit.

Bubba Kush – Sleep Aid

This big, bold, and beautiful indica strain has gain popularity due to its tranquilizing effects. Bubba Kush is being used by many people as a sleep aid due to its fast-acting effects where you can feel yourself drifting away with just a few hits.

Bubba Kush’s genetic origins are still uncertain but its stature and bulky bud structure suggest Afghani lineage. According to the original Bubba Kush breeder from Los Angeles, this strain came out from an OG Kush plant and an unnamed Northern Lights phenotype plant. 

If you are having a bad day and want to take the edge off, these five CBD hemp flower strains can help calm your mind. Start with products with lower potency until you find the best strain with potency that fits on your needs.

In case you are in doubt or having a difficulty in choosing a product, it best to consult with professionals.

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