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Why Keeping Your Toilet Clean and Well Maintained Can Actually Reduce Repairs

While a lot of people take pride in keeping their bathrooms – particularly their toilets – absolutely squeaky clean, there are several practical reasons you should be giving your plumbing more attention. Septic and plumbing systems occasionally need replacement and repair. Bathrooms that are connected to PVC pipes might need less maintenance than one that is hooked up to copper, for instance. At, people can find all sorts of easy fixes for minor plumbing issues.

With this in mind, I have listed some tips to help you look after your toilet. It is important to mention that these tips can be equally helpful for public toilets as well as your toilet at home! A lot of these tips were actually given to me by a friend of mine who lives in Miami. He manages quite a few public toilets in the Miami area and has just renovated some of his facilities. I have to admit that as far as public toilets go, his bathrooms are always so tidy and clean and each toilet is always separated by various toilet partitions for maximum privacy. Apparently in Miami bathroom partitions can be supplied and fitted by a number of different companies but my friend is loyal to Fast Partitions.

Anyway, if you would rather avoid having to learn how to make regular plumbing repairs, here is how keeping your bathroom cleaner can help. That is not all though! You can even take a look at a website like, as these are toilets that can help keep things extra clean. So if cleaning isn’t your strong suit, then it might be worthwhile checking these toilets out. Now, let us begin…

Clean Toilets Don’t Clog Plumbing

When you see a bathroom with a dirty toilet bowl, it means that the area hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Realize that there is also dirt and grime in places that you can’t see in your bathroom. Pipes can get clogged up when they’re lined up with unpleasant residue. If you use standard cleaning products to clean out the toilet bowl regularly, you will also help to flush out the pipes themselves. By contrast, dirty bathrooms and toilets are simply more likely to be abused. People will want to hurry up, do their business, and get out rather than be mindful of the amount of toilet paper they use.

Wastebaskets Encourage the Proper Disposal of Paper Products

Plumbers get called to residences because of plumbing failures all the time. While a lot of them are related to unavoidable repairs, such as aging pipes, plumbers are also kept busy because of frequent human error. Disposable wipes may help you to feel clean and fresh, but they aren’t really made to be disposed of in toilets. The same goes for paper towels and huge wads of toilet paper. By keeping your bathroom and toilet cleaner, and keeping a wastebasket close by, bathroom visitors are much more likely to respect your commode.

You’re Likely to Notice a Problem Immediately

If you generally keep your bathroom pretty clean then leaks, drips, and clogs are going to make themselves obvious right away. On the other hand, a dirty bathroom is always going to look like it is in a poor state of repair. You won’t know that the toilet isn’t flushing properly because the toilet water might always be discolored. Overall, maintaining your bathroom by cleaning it at least once a week is a cheap and easy way to keep the plumber at bay. However, I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping a plumbers number at hand just in case the worst was to happen. You do not want to end up in a wet mess because you didn’t plan ahead! Have a look around at different plumbers who are independent such as a plumber in Toronto or use bigger firms that offer home and commercial plumbing, like Absolute Draining & Plumbing.

You may want to flush your septic system every once in a while with an over-the-counter product that eats away at organic materials. Try to look for something that is environmentally friendly so that it won’t be harsh on your pipes or the ecosystem. While keeping your bathroom clean at all times is simply hygienic, you may want to start going the extra mile since you now know that you will experience fewer repairs. Last but not least, it is quite easy to keep a bathroom clean when it is regularly maintained and never allowed to get overly messy or otherwise out of hand.


  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, boy there’s not much worse than having the toilet suddenly stop functioning! Anything we can do to keep it working is worth the effort.

  • Rosie

    This is good information. I have a new Toto efficient toilet, and by the way, I hate it. I was going to get the American Standard, recommended in many places and about 1/10th the price, but I had an emergency and had to have the plumber come, and he brought the very expensive Toto. It wouldn’t have been so bad paying so much for it, if it was good, but it is not, and it is not defective. I do take care of it!

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