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Free (Or cheap) Exercise Ideas for At Home

It is great to get healthy and keep an exercise regimen going, but sometimes the cost can put people off. It is easy to get bored when exercising at home, mainly if the same exercise is completed day in day out. This is also something that the body recognizes and no longer feels challenged, so to shake things up for the body and mind, without shaking up the wallet, here are some free or cheap exercise ideas for at home. 

 Create a DIY Boot Camp

 Boot camp can be intimidating at the best of times but having a couple of friends over and agreeing not to shout at each other if someone needs a rest is a good start to having a fun time getting fit. Plan the activities of the boot camp in advance by using a combination of strength exercises and intense combination moves for an effective overall body work out, or find a readymade routine online that will be sure to be a challenge!

Get Gardening for Exercise

Gardening is a brilliant way to get an overall body workout in, without even thinking about it. The other benefit being that a job is getting done at the same time too! Digging, mixing up soil, and bending up and down are all movements that get the blood pumping. The only thing to consider is form, especially when lifting. The body mustn’t get injured while participating in hobbies, so be sure to research to reap the exercise benefits.

Get in the Pool for a Workout

Pools are not just for swimming in, and for those that have pools at home, this is a fantastic exercise option. Why not plan a DIY water aerobics class? Water aerobics is brilliant for those who need a low impact exercise idea. It is easier on the joints and offers both cardio and strength training benefits. In fact, water aerobics is suitable for almost everyone and is most importantly, fun! 

 Do not forget to keep up with pool maintenance so everyone can have a healthy and enjoyable water aerobics experience!

Garden Games for Exercise

 Another one for those who love to be out in the fresh air, games are a brilliant way to get exercise in and also not really notice the exercise happening. 

There does not need to be any rules, simply kicking a ball about is great for fitness, or playing catch. Grab a skipping rope for a brilliant all over body workout that is good enough for boxers who are training! Other games could include basketball, tag with the children, or even just messing around with them can help increase physical endurance, all while spending quality time with family. 

 Go Online for Exercise

There is an abundance of online videos and routines that are free and accessible to everyone these days, so take advantage of them for free and at home! This is an excellent option for those who like to try new things or different exercises to see if it is enjoyable without spending a penny. It is also handy for those who just can’t make it to a class consistently or have a busy schedule, meaning an online exercise class can be fit in any time!

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