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Join Me in New Year, New You #DancingThroughCrisis 30-day Gratitude Challenge! It’s #FREE!

I’m pumped and honored to be a part of the New Year New You #DancingThroughCrisis 30-day Gratitude Challenge! Over the next 30 days I will be doing activities that bring me joy and that remind me to be grateful and there is a LOT to be grateful for. I am grateful for so many things but mostly my family and friends, my furry family members, my amazing job, being a mother, being a wife, fishing, gardening, hiking, cooking and more! I will be back regularly to update and I encourage you all to be a part but first a bit about Dancing & Life below……

A bit about Dancing & Life: Dancing and Life is a company that provides free and premium training and coaching to help you overcome crises and live your best life. They will teach you the power of movement and dance to help you feel better now and remember…. Dancing and Life is for everyone! You don’t have to be a dancer or even have rhythm or dancing skills…. I am the perfect example of that LOL; what matters is the movement and the intent behind it. Saje Flow is the man behind Dancing and Life and he built a thriving career in commercial real estate that is until a personal crisis and an emotional bottom led to his discovering his true self as an inspirational life guide. He’s devoted years of study to finding and helping people like you conquer their most difficult life challenges and come out the other side with more freedom, more love, more opportunity and more wealth.

I encourage you to join in on the challenge as it is totally free and will totally change your life! Check it out for yourself for free today!

Day 1 (1/11 2021) : Today I worked on a gratitude wheel that you can try:

1) draw a circle on a piece of paper

2) divide in 4 sections & write something that brings you joy in each

3) spin a pen & share your experience!

Remember Yesterday’s Burdens Are Today’s Opportunities!

Join & Be A Part Today For FREE!

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