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Jewelry Mistakes That You Should Stop Doing Right Now!

Is there any woman on the planet who doesn’t like jewelry? Well, you will find it very rare! A piece of jewelry complements the outfit and enhances the personality. Are you a jewelry lover too? You might know the excitement of buying it then. But are you able to take better care of it? Do you have a complete idea of pairing the perfect jewelry with an outfit? Sometimes, you may feel confused about what jewelry to wear to perk up your ensemble. Does it happen to you as well? Well, how about handling your precious jewelry? Shopping, keeping, wearing them – let’s talk about the mistakes we tend to make and the ways to avoid them all!

Not Cleaning Jewelry:

Like any other thing, jewelry is also subject to accumulating dirt and grime. It stays on your skin and is prone to wear and tear. For instance, if you sweat, it bears that too! It becomes essential to clean the jewelry from time to time as it can cause tarnish. Eventually, people will notice its dullness! Would you like that? 

Not Storing The Jewelry Properly:

Where to put your jewelry when not used? You might generally be storing it in a box. Does it tangle inside? If yes, that needs to be avoided at the earliest! Jewelry boxes are available in the market, with specific places allotted to various types of jewelry. For instance, there are hooks for chains and fissures for rings. This will limit air exposure and will prevent scratching and tangling.

Wearing Jewelry In Water:

One biggest mistake is wearing jewelry while engaging in water-based activities. For instance, wearing jewelry while bathing or swimming can allow the metal to erode, and small pieces of jewelry may slip off and get lost in the water. Remember to take your jewelry off before the dip and enjoy the cool waters carefreely!

More Is Better:

You might have seen many people decked up in jewelry from head to toe. Isn’t that a little awkward? This mistake needs to be avoided as it can come across as tacky. Decide the clothes you will wear and pair them with one or two jewelry pieces. How about wearing a satin shirt with a beautiful small pendant? Yes, such minimalist jewelry is always simple and classy!

Deciding Between Gold And Silver:

The jewelry world has taken a 360-degree turn. It is not the same as before! For instance, you may find gold and silver blended together in a designer piece or the beautiful rose gold polish adorning a piece of statement jewelry. Do you love the antique finish of oxidized silver jewelry? It’s a tough choice to make. We have the solution! Gold goes well with warmer tones, whereas silver or platinum works best with cooler tones. While purchasing the jewelry, you can keep the ensemble you want to pair it with in mind so that the confusion of color and metal ends. In the end, it’s all your choice! If you are confident enough to carry a particular piece of jewelry, go ahead!

Not Understanding The Materials:

You need to be clear about the jewelry’s material before buying it. Whether it is gold, silver, rose gold, or any other metal — know them! Do you only look at the color and assume the metal? Well, don’t do that! There are chances that you may end up being fooled by buying inexpensive metal at high rates. Purchase it only from a reliable place that gives you all information about the jewelry. A jewellery store named Menashe & Sons Jewelers is one such online shop that you can trust while buying jewelry. They have a variety of designs and types of jewelry that will best cater to your needs. Also, they can create a beautiful masterpiece of fine quality as per your requirement. Do not worry about the fraud; you get what you choose! So now, be stress-free and shop with appropriate knowledge.

Jewelry is an essential part of any outfit. It has the power to make or break your look! Remember that every piece of jewelry is beautiful; it needs proper pairing (and showcasing) to stand out. Avoid these mistakes and see the confidence you get while wearing them. When you think something looks good, you wear it with pride!


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