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Say Goodbye to Joint Pain with These Lifestyle Changes

Age brings in a lot of issues and joint pain is one of the biggest problems that strike old people. The joints of the body are cushioned by the synovial fluid and cartilage so as to protect them from rubbing against one another. 

However, they tend to wear and tear with age or with injury. The damage caused by constant rubbing leads to arthritis and therefore, severe pain in the joints. 

While there is still time and it does not get to the point of unbearable pain, adopt these lifestyle changes to bid adieu to joint pain.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy– Finally if you feel excruciating joint pains which are unbearable, opting for platelet rich plasma therapy is one of the most efficacious ways to alleviate the same. It involves making use of your own blood’s natural healing power by combining platelets and plasma of your blood to reduce inflammation and pain of the joints after a thorough research of your blood.

Keep Watch On Weight– One of the major problems that leads to joint pain is being overweight. The joints of the hip, knees and the back are there to support your body to a great extent and when you put on excessive weight, it tends to put greater pressure on these joints. This leads to faster wear and tear. Hence, if you are already witnessing joint pain, the first thing to look out for is managing your weight. 

Move And Move– Movement of the body reduces the stiffness that arouses because of sitting at one place for a long time. So, even if you are compelled to do something sitting at one posture for long hours, make sure you get up and move about before you sit down again. Simple things like getting up for a glass of water or for a breath of fresh air outside will work wonders. 

Eat Healthy And Right– When watching out your weight, it is important to ensure that you are having the right kind of food to keep your bones and muscles strong, while being fit. Include a lot of omega rich fatty acids in your food like fish, walnuts, soyabeans as well as vegetables, fruits and proteins. The former group of food alleviates joint inflammation and thus reduces pain, while the latter comprise antioxidants that slow down the impact of ageing and help in repairing bone damage. 

Exercise Daily– Exercising daily and in the right way is also integral to healthy joints. You need to boost your muscle strength so as to help them support the bones of your body and take your body weight. Weight training exercises help in not only building up your muscles, but also enabling your ligaments to be strong and prevent them from wear and tear. Thus your joints are relieved of taking up the pressure of your whole body weight. 

Be within Your Limits– You should know how much exercise and weights your joints can bear. Hence, it Is imperative to go slow and modify the exercises according to your body needs. You may consult a physiotherapist or a professional trainer to guide you in undertaking the right kind of exercises. 

Adopt Right Body Posture- Small things in your daily life may threaten your joints more than you can imagine and having good postures at all points in time is one of them. Sitting upright with proper back support, lifting things by bending your knees instead of the back and putting straps of your backpack on both your shoulders are some of the common ways you can avoid getting joint pains. 

Summing Up

Remember, bringing about these lifestyle changes early in life can prevent any sort of pain in the later years. So get going and live healthy before it’s too late.

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