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5 Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

There are so many ways you can help save energy in your home. With our growing dependency on technology, the number of appliances we use in our homes are constantly increasing too. And a few simple pointers can help you save energy in great amounts! We don’t necessarily need to throw away our appliances but tweaking their set up just a little bit can help you in conserving energy.

Why You Should Save Energy

There are probably a number of reasons why you should be saving energy on a daily basis, apart from the fact that you would be saving money by not wasting energy. Here is a small glimpse at a few of the reasons:

• Conservation of energy can help you save money. Naturally so, this is one of the major reasons most people begin to promote conservation within homes or elsewhere. However, as more people continue to be educated about energy conservation, this is definitely not the only reason on people’s minds these days.

• We asked Howsy, who specializes in providing an electrical installation condition report. They said “Using less electricity means that fewer fossil fuels are burned”. Even though we can acquire electricity from cleaner sources of energy (i.e. solar power and wind), most of the electricity we are regularly using is still being obtained from sources like coal and oil. Not to mention, fossil fuels are non-renewable sources, the faster our non-renewable resources will be depleted, the more electricity we use.

• Fossil fuels are not a clean basis of energy. Preservation of electrical energy can, in fact, help to decrease pollution and lessen greenhouse gas emissions (alter: global warming).

• If you look at the bigger image, conservation can also aid in lowering the risk of oil spills and the hazards that oil and oil drilling pose to ecosystems worldwide.

• Decreasing our need for electricity can help lower the need for nuclear reactors and consequently downgrade the hazards involved with radioactive pollution.

• Global warming is on the rise and conserving energy is one of the main ways in which we can reduce the CFCs being emitted into the atmosphere (environmentalists can explain further on this regard).

5 Tips on How You Should Save Energy at Home

Having discussed the why above, let’s look into the how. Here are 5 different and easy changes to implement within your homes:

1) Get energy efficiency appliances- while this mainly means getting a gas ducted heating company to come in and replace your inefficient systems, it can also include your washing machines, televisions or other home appliances that have auto closure options or have the option of reducing energy usage in every use.

Get yourself smart kitchen appliances. One of the best parts about smart kitchen appliances is the fact that they are energy efficient, meaning they save energy. Appliances can be set off using timers; they don’t need to remain running all night if you simply forgot to turn it off while attending a call.

You can also be notified through your smartphone if something is going wrong within the kitchen. Needless to say, a kitchen that gives a modern and sophisticated look is sure nice to look at and work in. Smart kitchen appliances do just that.

2) Get new windows (i.e. austin replacement windows) that are well-sealed and double glazing to stop warm air escaping. This will help you maintain your windows for longer while keeping home temperatures more bearable during the summer and winter.

3) Replace window blinds with energy efficiency cellular shades that can help block out heat- even though these blinds may cost you more than regular blinds, they can help keep your homes cooler during the summer. You don’t need to use AC’s as frequently when the heat kicks in and can save energy alongside your bills.

Cellular shades use a sequence of cell pockets to trap air around your windows, which helps to keep your rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The cells use a distinctive design shape that is similar to a honeycomb and can be referred to as honeycomb shades as well.
If you are concerned about the look that cellular shades might give to your home, there are different styles, colors and fabrics you can choose from.

4) Put in more insulation in your attic and crawl spaces that can really cut down on heating and cooling costs. A well-insulated foundation will assist below-grade rooms to remain cozier while also preventing radon infiltration, moisture problems and insect infestation. You also want to make sure there is no damage your roof that might allow cold air in, or warm air to escape. If this is a problem for you, you might need to contact an expert in roofing cedar park to assess for damage and potential repairs. For fresh construction on homes, consider construction methods that offer both insulation and foundation structure, like insulating concrete blocks and insulating concrete forms.

5) Install a whole house fan in the ceiling to help pull out heat that rises. Install ceiling fans in all your rooms, ensuring they are turning the right way during the summer and winter months (to make sure the air is moving around the cool air or heat properly). There are trendy ceiling fans available in the market to help make your room look and feel cozy.

As you may have noted while reading, these points take into consideration keeping your home trendy and modern while allowing you to conserve energy. This is probably essential for people concerned about their home’s outlook while on the path to energy conservation.

You can always speak to a specialist on how to go about the above methods in a budget-friendly way. Friends and family might also have suggestions on how to go about it in a way that is most convenient for your life’s circumstances.

Conserving Energy- the Way Forward

As much as we like to live in the present, we must take into consideration the future of the world and where we are headed. By conserving energy at home, not only are we helping better our environments, but we are also helping to preserve and save our world. As a global citizen, this is perhaps the least we can do in hopes of positive contributions towards the rest of the global community.

Conserving energy starts from your home, it starts with you.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I definitely try to save energy for the well-being of the planet, but to be honest, my main reason is to save money. Saving money is always a big motivator!

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    It is so important to conserve energy for so many reasons. I love saving money but all these other concerns are very important. I would love to get solar panels for our home one of these days. Thank you for sharing this great information

  • Karen Propes

    Great information! So many of these we just don’t think about. This is what parents should have their kids read so they can understand the whole process also.

  • Lauryn R

    This is fantastic information, thank you so much for sharing! We installed a bunch of new installation at my dads house last Summer and it made a huge difference for him. I also put sun blocking blinds and it also helps so much, Texas gets super hot in the Summertime!

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