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Is Underfloor Heating Worth the Money?

Having empty walls and less clutter really opens up a house and makes it much easier to keep clean and tidy. The desire for a minimalistic home means that homeowners are investing in ‘hidden’ heating systems. Removing radiators from the walls increases space and reduces limitations on where to place furniture in a room. Underfloor heating is a very popular option because it is a cozy, luxurious, and modern way to heat a home. If you have always liked the idea of getting underfloor heating in your home, today we will be exploring whether it is worth the money. 

Heating Up Your Home 

Underfloor heating can harness air source and ground source heat to warm up the home. This is a form of renewable energy, so it can reduce running costs while increasing the efficiency of your home, but installation can be costly. With any type of underfloor heating, there are no limitations to water floors you can have around the home. They can take a long time to heat a room, but once it gets up to the right temperature, the room will be warmed up evenly, as heat is distributed from the floor and rises up to the ceiling. 

Keeping Your Home Tidy

A minimalistic home is desirable for some individuals. When you remove the radiators from the wall and go for underfloor heating, it will create more space around the home and free up the walls. You will be able to push any item of furniture against any wall without cutting off the heat. However, it does create some restrictions, because if the furniture that is flat on the bottom is placed on top of a cable or heat mat, it could restrict airflow and cause a thermal block. Underfloor heating can also prevent dust circulation, as it’s hard to clean behind a radiator

Saving Money on Installation 

Unless you are already having work done on your floors, the cost of installing underfloor heating can quickly add up. You can save money on installation by going electric. Getting your electrical installation materials from a reliable electrical wholesalers UK website will save you even more money on installation costs, but you will still need to pay for an electrician to install the system. It is also important to remember that electrical systems cost more to run than water ones and those that harness renewable energy, so make sure you do your research and make wise choices.

Getting Your Money Back 

Even though the cost and trouble of installation can be off-putting, when you sell your home, you could get your money back as its value will increase. Underfloor heating is seen as a highly advanced, modern way to heat a home, which will be seen as a luxury by potential buyers. Due to the way underfloor heating works, it can operate at a lower temperature compared to radiators. If you choose to install a wet system (water-based) instead of a dry system (electricity-based), you could save money on your heating bills in the future. 

There are pros and cons to underfloor heating and the suitability will depend on the homeowner. If you think underflooring heating is the right for you, then do your research to find the best option. 

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