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Find The Perfect Alarm Clock That Can Charge All Of Your Devices & More At iTOMA!

Are you looking for a fabulous digital alarm clock that can help the heaviest of sleepers to wake up? Maybe you are looking for an alarm clock that can charge all of your electrical devices wirelessly and with ease? You need to check out the various alarm clocks available at iTOMA. They have a huge selection of alarm clocks to cover all of your needs and their digital wirelessly charging alarm clocks are amazing little works of art that look amazing too on your night stand and some even provide a night light which I love pls so much more. Let’s take a look at a few of my favorites available at iTOMA. These clocks make the ultimate gift too for those graduates in your life or anyone on your gift giving list.

iTOMA Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

I am in love with the iTOMA Alar Clock with Wireless Charging. This thing charges your smartphone, earphones, and watch anytime and all without the need to plug anything in. It is wireless charging at its finest. It also has USB ports in the back so that you can charge traditionally too. I love that it comes with a dual alarm that allows you to set two different wake up times plus it has two dual USB charger ports.

More Features:

*Wake to radio or buzzer alarm.

•*15-level adjustable alarm volume controls.

•*Snooze / repeat alarm & crescendo wake-up control.

•*Choice of 4 alarm week modes.(Every day, single day only, weekdays only, or weekends only.)

*15 watt ultra fast wireless charger for cell phone.

•*Equipped with 3W foldable earphone wireless charger.

•*Watch wireless charging support holder.

•*Two USB charging port in the back, include a type-C port.

*Enjoy the convenience of having your devices charged alongside your bedside alarm clock while you sleep.

*USB type A and type C charger port for mobile phone.

•*The 1.4” orange LED clock display makes it easy to read.

•*3 level brightness and auto dimmer feature. (Reduces the brightness of the display for uninterrupted sleep.)

*Easy set the year,date,day of week and time.

*Built In Bluetooth Speaker so you can enjoy your music too!

iTOMA Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

I absolutely love the iTOMA Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers. This is an alarm clock with a night light, bluetooth technology, wireless chargers, an auto dimmer, and a snooze feature added in to suit your needs perfectly! This thing is a pretty alarm clock too and I love the built in night light feature for sure and the super fast wireless charging is everything. I also love that this alarm provides two ways to charge your devices…..a wireless charging option on top that is the fastest on the market and a USB port in the back for added convenience.

More features include…..

*Digital Volume Controls

*Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

*Automatically recognizes DST

*Wake to Radio or Buzzer Alarm

*Automatic Time Setting System

*Programmable Sleep-to Music Timer

*Snooze/Repeat Alarm & Crescendo Wakeup Control

*Dual Alarm & Week Indication & Choice of 4 Alarm Week Modes

*Button Cell Battery (Included) Maintains Time & Alarm Settings

So what do you think of these amazing alarm clocks from iTOMA?! Are you in need of a new alarm clock with all of the modern day technology needed to keep all of your wireless devices charged and more!? Check out the alarms available at iTOMA.They have so much more than the two of my favorites listed above…even alarm clocks with projectors and cute ones for the kids too. Most them online and check them out on social media too!


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