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Winter Clothing Tricks That Don’t Compromise on Style

Dressing appropriately for cold weather can be a challenge, even if you have lived in a cooler climate for many years. This is especially true for people who want to look their best and express themselves through their outfits. Cold weather creates a firm restriction on how people can dress since fewer layers of fabric increases the chances of discomfort or even illness. If you are looking for useful ways to bundle up while staying stylish, keep reading. 

Create Layers 

It is more effective in cold weather to make use of multiple layers, rather than relying upon one or two thicker pieces of clothing. This is because the air gaps between each layer are what trap your body heat and prevent it from instantly drifting into the cold air. Find thin, yet insulating clothes that can be used as a reliable base layer. On top of this, you can add pieces that are more style-focused now that you know your first layer is already doing an important job. Accessories, such as hats, scarves, and gloves can not only help to contain your body heat but are also ideal for making an outfit look more deliberate and stylish. When it is particularly cold, a bag of some kind can be useful for carrying additional layers, just in case the temperature continues to drop. 

Choose Practical Styles 

It is much more difficult to create a stylish and warm outfit when each piece of clothing is not designed for these purposes. If you live in a colder climate or plan to visit one soon, invest in items of clothing that are specifically designed to combine practicality and fashion. Places like Burrows & Hare offer attractive pieces that are designed to look good, fit well, and keep the wearer warm. It is much easier to feel good in your outfit when it is fit for purpose, rather than trying to build up layers and layers of summer clothing in the hopes of creating something effective. 

Understand the Qualities of Different Material 

Not all materials possess the same insulating properties as each other. Even if you have created a series of layers in your outfit, you may find that your body heat can escape quickly, since the fabric is not particularly insulating. You may also find that some warmer materials can be bulkier, making it difficult to create a stylish outfit while taking advantage of layers. This is why knowing about efficient materials, such as merino wool, is so useful. This type of fabric is both lightweight and insulating, making it ideal as a base layer during the colder months. It can also get wet without feeling uncomfortable, which is perfect if you live in a rainy part of the world. 

Just because you live in a place where winters are bitter doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself through thoughtful style. Remember to layer up, invest in practical pieces, and pay attention to the properties of your materials. This will help to keep you warm and stylish throughout winter. 

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