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Instant Christmas Cake Recipes You Can Try At Home

The Christmas season is a particular time of the year because it’s about spending time with family and friends. There are many ways to celebrate this particular time of year, but you can bring everyone together by baking. Baking a cake from scratch can be challenging for some, so we’ve created these recipes that will make it easy for you to bake your cake without spending hours in the kitchen! 

All-in-one Christmas cake 

The easiest (and most delicious) way to make a Christmas cake, this recipe calls for just five ingredients. 

You’ll need the following: 

*300g butter, softened 

*3/4 cup caster sugar (this is the Australian term for regular white sugar) 

*1 tsp vanilla essence — you can use vanilla paste or extract instead. The latter is more potent and has a more robust flavor than the former. If using extract, add it in after mixing all other ingredients so it doesn’t fully dissolve in this mixture, as it will be used later on to flavor your frosting.  

*You can also make your homemade vanilla essence by soaking whole beans in alcohol such as vodka overnight and then straining through cheesecloth before using it in baking recipes like these, where the liquid is added later on (don’t worry about discarding leftover liquid after straining—it’s not worth keeping around!). 

*The recipe will be the same as the other cakes. Just put some fruits or berries on the top to make it more adorable.  

Figgy pudding pops 

A figgy pudding pop is a traditional British dessert made by soaking dried fruit in alcohol and sweetening it with sugar. Traditionally, this recipe consists of dried figs, raisins, and sultanas mixed with brandy or whiskey. It can be served hot or cold—and here’s where things get interesting: You can also serve these delicious bites as popsicles! Figs are known for their high levels of iron content—so they’re great for those looking to stay healthy during the holidays (or any time). 

You have probably seen them at Christmas markets or other holiday events—but have you ever tried making them yourself? If not, then keep reading! 

Cannabis Red Velvet Cake 

This recipe was made with CBD OIL, red food coloring, cocoa powder, cream cheese, and coconut flour. It also uses baking soda and vanilla extract. 

The recipe calls for two eggs plus an additional egg yolk. You’ll want to beat those in a bowl until they’re fluffy, then mix in sugar and salt until dissolved. Next is an electric hand mixer to whip in your butter (make sure it’s at room temperature). After that, you’ll add the remaining wet ingredients: sour cream, coffee extract, or strong brewed coffee (1 tablespoon) and water (2 tablespoons).  

Finally, add the dry ingredients – cocoa powder/instant espresso powder mixture; coconut flour; baking soda; vanilla extract/cannabis-infused oil mixture (1 tablespoon). 

Mix everything until smooth, then pour into greased cake pans (9-inch round) lined with parchment paper before baking at 350°F for 30-40 minutes, depending on how gooey or firm you’d like your cake to be! There are many benefits to cannabis cake. 

First, it’s delicious! Second, it can help you relax and enjoy the holiday season. Third, it’s easy to make. And fourth, it’s a great way to use leftover cannabis oil! 

Cannabis oil is a substance that can be extracted from the cannabis plant and used in cooking or baking. It has a green color and an earthy flavor that pairs well with sweet treats like cakes, cookies, and brownies. 

This recipe will show you how to add cannabis oil to your favorite holiday recipes this Christmas season! 

Easy Christmas cake 


*1 cup vegetable oil 

*2 cups flour, sifted 

*3/4 cup sugar, sifted 

*1 teaspoon salt 

*1 teaspoon baking powder 

*Two teaspoons of cocoa powder sifted with the flour mixture above. If you don’t have good-quality cocoa, use unsweetened baking chocolate instead. 

*Method: Preheat stove to 350 degrees F (180 C). Oil 2 8-inch round cake skillet and line the bottoms with material paper; set aside. In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients until well blended; add sugar gradually until it is all incorporated into the dry ingredients.  

*Make sure there are no lumps in this mixture because they will cause your cake not to rise properly during baking! Then add in vegetable oil and vanilla extract or water, whichever you prefer, then beat on medium speed for 3 minutes until the batter becomes smooth without any lumps!  

*Divide batter evenly between prepared pans, then heat for 20-25 minutes until a toothpick embedded into the middle comes out neatly when embedded into the cake’s focal point. Then remove from the oven and cool before removing cakes from the pan by carefully turning them upside down onto a plate lined with waxed paper, then remove parchment paper.  

*Once cooled completely, store the remaining cake covered loosely at room temperature up until 1 week before serving a day (if stored correctly). 

Shortbread Christmas trees 


*Shortbread Christmas trees recipe 

*Decorations such as candies, sprinkles, and icing 


*Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

*Roll out each dough ball on a lightly floured surface until they are about 5 mm thick. 

*Use dough shapers to remove shapes in the batter and move them onto a baking sheet fixed with material paper or lubed foil (ensure the treats aren’t contacting). 

*Bake for 12-14 minutes until pale golden brown around the edges; if you like soft cookies, bake for less time than this! Cool on wire racks before decorating or storing – if you need to store them for later use, put them in an impenetrable holder at room temperature for as long as a multi-week or freeze for as long as a half year. 

These recipes can help you make tasty treats for the holiday season! 

You might not have time to bake from scratch this year, but you can still enjoy some delicious treats. These easy recipes will have your guests thinking you slaved over a hot stove all day. 

They’re also great for kids—so even if they won’t appreciate how much effort went into making it, they’ll get something sweet out of it! 


We hope you enjoyed these recipes for delicious Christmas cakes. They are easy to make and can be made in advance, so you don’t have as much stress when it comes time to serve them up! 


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