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Guide to Choosing Luxury Organic Beauty Products

If you mind your health and pay keen attention to skincare, you should know one thing by now. There’s an endless list of skincare and cosmetic products out there to choose from, and the options can be overwhelming. Needless to mention, some of them are full of chemicals and unnatural ingredients that could cause more harm than good when added to your beauty regimen.

The mammoth fact is that these days, no one wants to use artificial cosmetics that can be harmful to their skin and overall health. But are you exactly sure the product is made purely from organic ingredients that won’t irritate your skin or trigger acne? Either way, here are some pointers you can consider your guide when picking luxury organic products.

What Are Luxury Organic Beauty Products? 

Just like the name suggests, these are cosmetic products made to help improve your skin’s glow and complexion while elevating your overall beauty using natural ingredients. The word luxury simply means that they are created to ensure you remain comfortable in your own skin. For a clearer picture, you can take a look at products from the organic skincare from Aesop collection online. The products may range from body balm to skincare kits, exfoliates, serums, hair polish, and a lot more, all made using potent botanicals that seek to safely elevate your beauty.

Why Go Organic? 

In other words, why should anyone bother about natural beauty products? Well, if surveys from a 2018 report are anything to go by, more organic and natural skincare products are preferred by many U.S. consumers because they are considered free from harmful chemicals. 72% of consumers actually believed these products result in better skin health. They are also considered:

*Lenient to the environment

*More nutritious to the skin

*Better at preventing premature aging

*To work better

Tips When Choosing Natural Beauty Products 

When choosing luxury organic cosmetics, there are a few things to keep in mind. Perhaps the most important of them all is that not all products labeled as organic may actually be natural or free from bad chemicals. With this in mind, here are some tips you can use to ensure you pick legit organic beauty products the next time you go shopping.

Keep an Eye on the Ingredients:  

As earlier said, not all “natural beauty” products are necessarily purely organic or natural. Some often contain artificial additives and chemicals that could harm your skin. It is best to start by researching the product, carefully inspecting the ingredients listed on the label. Stay away from products with ingredients like Diethanolamine (DEA), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Triethanolamine (TEA), Propylene Glycol (PEG), Isopropyl (SD-40), as well as Parabens (like Methyl, Butyl, Propyl, Ethyl). Av few other ingredients to avoid like the plague may include:

*DMDM Hydantoin & Urea

*FDC Color Pigments

*Mineral Oil


*Synthetic Fragrances

Product Certification: Organic vs. made with organic ingredients

Did you know that a product may only claim to be “made with organic ingredients” if it contains 70% organic components? The remaining components must fulfill a certain quality standard, although they may not be of the same caliber as the organic ingredients.

Organic products must include at least 95% organic components. While this is far much better, it’s still unclear what the remaining 5% can do to your skin and general health. If you can, however, it is safer to go for products labeled as “certified organic,” so you’re sure there aren’t any hidden chemicals or parabens.To sum it up, (3), you may also want to consider the product’s popularity, reputation, and packaging. A harmful product has fewer chances of staying in the market for long. These tips can help you pick a great organic beauty product with minimal chances of regret later.

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