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See Why I Am Loving Organic Aromas & What Makes Them My “Go To” For My Diffuser & Essential Oil Needs! @OrganicAromas @SMGurusNetwork

See Why I Am Loving Organic Aromas & What Makes Them My “Go To” For My Diffuser & Essential Oil Needs! @OrganicAromas @SMGurusNetwork

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Since my childhood I have been a huge fan of fragrance in general with a big emphasis on home fragrance as it makes a home feel warm, cozy and inviting. Essential oils have become one of my favorite ways to fragrance as they not only smell amazing but also provide therapeutic benefits that anyone and everyone can love. For these reasons I was so excited to give Organic Aromas® Mobile-Mini 2.0 Nebulzing Diffuser as well as their Discovery Collection of 40 Pure, Organic and Blended Essential Oils a try as they are dedicated to developing and promoting the most effective, safest and most beautiful nebulizing diffusers that allow you to disseminate, apply and enjoy the fabulous aromas and true health benefits found deep within their pure essential oils which is what sets them apart.

Check out this quick video that shows how the Mobile-Mini 2.0 works….

The Organic Aromas Mobile-Mini 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser is pretty cool right? I am loving it as it provides complete freedom and control of your aromatherapy experience via a wireless, rechargeable lithium-battery powered nebulizing diffuser®. I love that I can take this unit with me anywhere… like on a trip, in the car, to my yoga class… or anywhere! This units portability is amazing and it comes in two colors… Charcoal Grey and Ironman Red.

The Mobile-Mini comes with a specialty, custom hand-blown glass reservoir that concentrates and focuses the stream of atomized particles of pure essential oil with perfect efficiency and zero waste. It uses no plastic, no water, and no heat plus the strong lithium batteries of the Mobile-Mini make it a revolutionary advance in the aromatherapy world. The Mobile-Mini operates ON for 2 minutes and OFF for 1 minute in a continuous cycle and after 2 hours the unit automatically shuts off. It also features 3 volume control settings which I love as at home I keep it on high and in the car I keep it on low so that it does not over power me in the small space. 

The Mobile-Mini fully charges via a micro USB cable in about 5 and a half hours and once fully charged the unit can be used for 16 to 20 hours without needing a recharge. It is the perfect size for portability but packs a powerful punch as if it was a full sized unit. This to me is perfection as I can use it anywhere and as a fan of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils… being able to take it with me anywhere and everywhere is an added bonus. This is the perfect gift for Mom, Dad…. and well anyone and everyone!Now we all know that a good Nebulizing Diffuser needs the perfect selection of Essential Oils and Organic Aromas Discovery Collection is for sure the most comprehensive “sampler” product on the market. This set contains 40 different single and organic pure essential oils and their blends so you can combine and play with the combinations… to ultimately find your perfect blend(s).

The Organic Aromas Discovery Collection of Pure, Organic and Blended Essential Oils allows you to share, learn and expand your experience with this one-of-a-kind collection. There are 40 different pure essential oils…. you get 16 blends, 14 individual pure oils and 10 certified organic oils. Each custom, glass vial contains 2 milliliters of pure essential oil. This boxed set makes the perfect gift for someone special on your gift list or you can pick it up to simply indulge and savor each aroma for yourself.

The 40 oils that are included in the Discovery Collection are comprised of the following:

Organic Oils: Lavender, eucalyptus, sweet orange, peppermint, ylang ylang, grapefruit, rosemary, tea tree, lemon, bergamot

Single Essential Oils: Cinnamon, citronella, clary sage, elemi, frankincense, marjoram, pine, rose geranium, spearmint, sweet basil, sweet ginger, wintergreen, lime, juniper

Blends: Burglars, Energy, Purity, Passion, Signature, Serenity, Butterflies Breath, Celebration, Formosa, Harmony, Jubilation, Meditation, Morning Bloom, Ocean Breeze, Pacific Northwest, Welcome Home

So what do you think of Organic Aromas Mobile-Mini 2.0 Nebulizing Diffuser & Organic Aromas Discovery Collection of 40 Pure, Organic & Blended Essential Oils? Are they not the best thing ever? I love the portability that the Mobile-Mini provides and I love the assortment of possibilities that The Discovery Collection provides as well. Make sure to check them out for yourself online and on social media and keep them in mind for your gifting needs as everyone will love and appreciate all that Organic Aromas provides.


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  • Amy D

    This is seriously the perfect Mother’s Day gift for me! I love essential oils, and I’ve really wanted a diffuser. I love that this one is portable, and I can even take it in my car. I am an anxious driver, so I would love to drive with some calming oils.

  • Shannon D Citrino

    I really like the idea of the mini diffuser. It looks like it would be awesome for travel or the office or just transforming any space your in into a little getaway!

  • Heather!

    I love essential oils, and I use them in a lot of different ways around my home and for my family. But I don’t have a diffuser yet! Organic Aromas has some beautiful diffusers.

  • Nancy Burgess

    I just started using essential oils. Love this mini diffuser I have the larger ones.

  • Sunnymay

    I’ve been using essential oils for 25 years. I’ve used a light bulb ceramic ring as a diffuser in the past along with a aromatherapy necklace that has a felt pad to place a few drops of oil on and wear the lavender oil throughout the day to relax. The sap I go to has diffusers in every room and the hallway. I like how diffusers get the essential oils in the air and set a mood.

  • Trish F

    I love that many of Organic Aroma’s diffusers don’t use water, I guess they call them nebulizers, it makes it so much easier than having to make sure you have distilled water on hand.

  • Sarah L

    I have 2 diffusers and love them. But neither is at all portable. I love this portable diffuser.

  • Sheila Ressel

    I would love to have a diffuser in my car. I love the one I have in my home. It creates such a relaxing mood.