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Importance of Hiring a Licensed Contractor for Home Improvements

You may find an unlicensed contractor at a cheaper rate but when it is the matter of renovating your home or part of your home, the cheapest path is neither the best nor the right path to be chosen. According to, If you choose an unlicensed contractor by being attracted their lower bid, then be sure that you are going to suffer in the long run.

 A licensed contractor, such as a Plumber, a Locksmith like those from Locksmith Toronto or even a Painter takes the responsibility to protect both parties. There are so many reasons for which it is safe to employ a licensed contractor versus someone who is not licensed to renovate your home that it will create too long of an article for someone to read thoroughly which is why we have broken it down for you.

So, I will discuss the most important 5 reasons why you should hire a licensed contractor for your home improvements. 

5 Most Important Reasons for Hiring Licensed Contractor 

Before going to the importance section I would like to give you some tips so that you can find out a potential licensed contractor easily by avoiding the trouble of consulting door-to-door solicitors. You can do your research online as well to find what you are looking for…. like locksmith london services if you are in need of a locksmith or the same when it comes to an electrician, plumber, carpenter and more.

Though it is quite difficult to find out a licensed contractor you can understand whether a contractor is potential or not by checking out the credentials. With a quick look at the Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling During ( site, for example, you will see that they are fully licensed (and insured) for plumbing so you can be confident that they will have the knowledge and skills to do the job well. Also when hiring, make sure that whoever you are looking at as a potential contractor for you has a real office instead of only a post box address. 

You must be conscious of the references, a proper license, and bonding and insurance. Well, the short tips section is ended here and now I am going to discuss the 5 Most Important Reasons for Hiring Licensed Contractor. 

1.     Insurance Offer

A licensed contractor will offer you two kinds of insurance-

1)Liability Insurance

2)Worker’s Compensation

A licensed contractor provides you protection from any kind of injury of you, your family and your property during the renovation period. 

For example, if you are injured while visiting the protection site the contractor will be obliged to pay the medical bill because of the liability insurance.

If any worker is injured during the renovation period in the construction site, you do not have to take any responsibility for him; the licensed contractor will carry the worker’s compensation. They can do this because they have contractors insurance in Ontario or any other city for that matter.

But, if you employ an unlicensed contractor you have to take all of these responsibilities and pay all the compensation from your own pocket. 

2.     Dealing with City Ordinances and Requirements 

Each city council sets some ordnance about building construction. A licensed contractor is trained well to understand all of these ordinances properly. If you employ them they will make all the arrangements to fulfill the city ordinance and requirements.

During selling your home you will realize the importance of this point better because if you have done any major renovations in your home, a potential buyer may ask you about pulling the permit of the project. 

3.     Competence

A licensed contractor is trained up; they have enough knowledge about the house codes and other necessary rules and regulations that must be maintained during decorating home items. 

They are skilled enough to use the home gear kits and they also have proper knowledge about safety measurements whereas an unlicensed contractor can be compared with a quack.

Now, it is your choice on whom you would like to depend – a quack or a well-trained knowledgeable and a responsible person? 

4.     Proper Planning and Handover the project within Tim

Proper planning is very important to complete a project with less obstacle and much perfections. Moreover, to complete the project within a specific period, proper planning has great importance. 

Since licensed contractors take some serious responsibilities, they always do good planning before stepping ahead with the project.

5.     Taking the Responsibility of the Mistakes  

If something goes wrong, the licensed contractors will not try to avoid or ignore the responsibility.  They will keep open communication with you from day 1 until the project is completed. 


Unlicensed contractors do not have any bindings to accomplish the home improvement project systematically and with proper care. They can keep the bid low only because they do not have any bindings to take responsibility and if there do any serious mistake, so many ways are open for them to flee.

Moreover, they try to trick the customer to add more cost whereas a licensed contractor will take the responsibility so seriously because has some bindings and if he does any mistake you can complain against him to the legal authority. So, it is wise to employ a licensed contractor to improve your home rather than an unlicensed contractor. 

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