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Grow Plants Indoors All Year Long With The Click & Grow Smart Garden 3! @clickandgrow @SMGurusNetwork

Grow Plants Indoors All Year Long With The Click & Grow Smart Garden 3!

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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love to cook and to garden which is why I have been obsessed with Click & Grow Smart Gardens for quite sometime now. I live in the North East and the winters here can be brutal and the growing season is short as compared to what I am used to from growing up in the south my entire life. This is why Click & Grow if the perfect solution as I can grow lettuce, herbs, cherry tomatoes and more with my Click & Grow Smart Gardens anytime of the year…indoors!


See how you can grow nutritious produce at home as easily as making your morning cup of coffee with Click & Grow’s Smart Garden 3

Pretty cool right? With the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 you can grow plants with zero effort right on your counter top. The unit is super easy to set up as you can see in the video and I love that the unit comes with 3 Basil pods to get you started plus at anytime you can purchase new pods. You can choose from over 45 different herbs, leafy-greens, flowers and more!

I received everything that I would need to get my garden started and the set up was a breeze. The Click & Grow Smart Garden does all of the work for you. Enjoy hassle free installation and maintenance… simply drop the plant pods into the unit, fill it up with water, plug the device in and get to growing! That is it ~ seriously… it is so easy anyone can do it!

Check out the set up of my Smart Garden 3:

The unit comes with 3 Basil Pods. You have to add them to the pods in the Smart Garden 3, add water and plug in. The pods contain the perfect blend of nutrients and the Basil seeds to start your herb garden.

Click & Grow’s NASA inspired Smart Soil makes sure your plants get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients, while the special LED grow lights provide them with the energy they need to thrive. No pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances are used which is a must for me and my family and one of the many reasons I love Click & Grow Smart Gardens.

So you can see… set up is easy. Unpack your soil pods and place them in the unit. Add the plastic overs on top, add water and plug in. The plastic covers are important for the start up of the plants and once the plants are big enough… take them off to allow the plants to grow.


This is 7 days worth of growth! Already have some mini little Basil Plant Seedlings! I am leaving the cap on the small plant on the left but I am removing the plastic “greenhouse” covers off on the other 2 plants as they are getting too big.

Look at these adorable little baby Basil plants! Only 7 days growing time and already seeing the results from this wonderful Click & Grow Smart Garden 3.

So what do you think of the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3? Do you love growing your own herbs, veggies, greens and more? Check out Click & Grow and their entire line of Smart Gardens as it is the ultimate self-growing garden that makes it easy for anyone to grow their own herbs, veggies and more. They are the perfect gift for anyone this holiday season so check Click & Grow out online and on social media today!


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  • aurora

    So there are no hormones or anything like that? I remember I bought something similar to this but I needed to put hormones on their water or something.

    • mcushing7

      No hormones….. I just keep water in the unit and it self waters. That is much easier….. the soil in their pods is the key. Here is info for you: Inspired by NASA technology, Smart Soil creates the perfect environment plants need to thrive. It releases nutrients in sync with the plant’s life cycle, keeps soil pH balanced, and employs tiny oxygen pockets to guarantee plants get ample breathing room and nutrients even when the soil is wet.

  • Jeanine Bevacqua

    I’ve been really curious about these planters. How well do they work over time? I know you get seedlings, but how about after a couple of months. Do they continue to grow and then need to be transplanted?

    • mcushing7

      Jeanine…. the basil starts as seeds & within a matter of 2 or 3 days I had little sproutlings. The pictures in my review are taken at 7 days. I use the basil and keep it trimmed and it just continues to grow in the unit. There are arms that raise the grow lights too… so the bigger your plants get you simply raise it up so that the plant has room. I did take my basil plants out from last winter and planted them in my garden during the Spring & Summer and grew lettuces in the unit indoors during the summer. I just planted the new Basil Pods because we use Basil a lot for sauces, caprese salads, etc….doing new Basil plants indoors for the Fall & Winter months as we use it a lot. Long story short…. you can grow your plants in there for as long as you want….. just keep them trimmed so they do not outgrow the planter.

  • Alice F

    I have seen the Click Grow Smart Garden advertised previously. It looks like a great little indoor garden and I would like to try it.

  • Adreanne

    I like how cute and compact it is. Seems clean and easy to use. The biggest thing that held me back from growing plants in my house was the mess. So I really like this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I was just researching indoor herb gardens for winter growing. This is exactly what I was looking for!!

  • Amy D

    This is perfect for me! I cook a lot and use a lot of herbs. I love that there are 45 plants to choose from. I also love that it is so easy to grow. I would prefer to grow using this than buy herbs and veggies that are sprayed with pesticides. This items is at the top of my Christmas list for sure! 🙂

  • Heather K

    This looks amazing. Unfortunately, there is no place in my house to grow herbs because it is so dreary inside. I would put this in the kitchen window.

  • Amber Kolb

    This looks great! I’ve always wanted to try my hand at growing herbs at home. This looks like a great way to do it.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I love that you can grow things all year long with this. It gets way to hot in Florida during the summer to grow much of anything. Thank you so much for sharing God Bless

  • Heather Poindexter

    This sounds great, I really need something like this. I love to garden, but now can’t physically and sold my house. I have no room inside an apartment.

  • gloria patterson

    I would love to grow herbs etc but I only one window in my living room and no where to set plants. this would be perfect to have in the kitchen area and maybe set a few plants beside it

  • Dianna

    I have wanted one of these systems forever. Growing my own herbs and veggies makes me so happy, but it’s not easy to do in the winter where I live. Click & Grow is such a great solution!

  • Linda Brownyard

    I really like this idea! I don’t have a green thumb but this makes it seem so doable and fun! I would love to try one with the tomato and lettuce pods! This would be a great addition to my preschool classroom.

  • Cynthia C

    I often long for fresh herbs in the off-season but they can be expensive and difficult to find. This would be a great solution.

  • samantha

    This reminds me of the movie Martian. In it he is an astronaut forced to grow food on Mars. He grew potatoes using potatoes. I wont say anything else about it so I dont give anything away. But this is extremely cool. We love tomatoes it would be great to grow our own all year long.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    When it comes to gardening, I have a brown thumb. I’d love to be able to grow fresh herbs year-round in my kitchen and I think I could actually not kill plants in this!

  • Lauryn R

    This is awesome, I would love to be able to grow fresh herbs year round! I always have such a difficult time growing them where I live.

  • wen budro

    I definitely want one of these. I love how easy they make it to grow year round. I also love that this product looks nice and stylish. Most of the home grow products are ugly and stick out like a sore thumb in the home.

  • Karen Propes

    I love this concept. It’s great you can grow all year long. I would love to get one or two of these. My husband and grandkids would love growing in the Click, Grow-Smart Garden. It’s the greatest invention.

  • Karen Propes

    I love this little Click and Grow. They have 45 herbs, flowers, and vegetables, and you can grow them all year long. This is the best invention and I want a couple for myself and my Grandchildren.

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