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A Guide to Hire the Best Talents For Your New Business Venture

Starting a new venture? Looking for the best talents? Assembling the right employees is one of the most vital aspects for a business to succeed, but it’s not as easy as it seems! As an employer, one must keep in mind a few things when it comes to picking the best talents for an organization.

In this digital era, fortunately, it’s not that difficult to identify the right candidate. However, one needs to remember a few things before finalising the right one. Let’s look at a few tips for hiring employees:

Define an office culture Before Hiring

Defining office culture is not an easy job. It is essential to first get clarity. Think about what type of work culture you want to incorporate in the office before interviewing the candidates. After that, you need to select who fits into that culture.

For example, you might wish for some charming and young ‘go-getter’ candidates on board. Or, you might want to go with some experienced candidates. As an employer, your first duty would be creating a harmonious atmosphere to work and find like-minded people who suit the atmosphere. A National Police Check Australia can make your job easy.

Recruit people Based on Skill, not on Friendship

It feels right to be the one giving out jobs for once and lend hands to those in need of a job. One might think that recruiting people whom one knows personally is a wise decision, if not easier. But in reality, the consequences are opposite in most cases. Your friends may be people you rely upon, but you should not ignore the ‘red flags’ that come along with hiring them for your organisation.

For example, they can take advantage of you, deliberately or unconsciously.
Or, it could happen that when you are expecting them to perform, your business suffers due to their mistakes. What would you do in such a situation?
If you fire them, it will ruin your friendship. But, if you don’t, it could potentially destroy your business. So, it’s always better to maintain the fine line between the professional and personal matters.

Broaden your Candidate Pool

In the case of start-ups, generally employers look for experienced candidates. But not everyone is usually open to the idea of working for a start-up from a medium or large sized enterprise.

Searching in a small field can only narrow down the chances of hiring the best talents. Instead, employers should broaden the candidate pool to involve newly graduated candidates, or even consult with recruiting firms.

There are a few advantages to hiring new talents in an organisation. These candidates are generally more motivated in the workplace because they feel the urge of proving their worth to the employers, and the whole concept of “working in the real world” will be a new experience for them.

New candidates are good listeners and enthusiastic learners. They are generally more tech-savvy than older people as well.

More importantly, being recently graduated, they are filled with new ideas, perspectives and are fresh with theories that can help your organization grow. These candidates are completely new to the industry. They will approach problems with a different angle, often quite different from the ideas an experienced person may already have.

Look into Linkedin to find Talents

With technology booming, one must take the advantages of employment-oriented networking websites like LinkedIn. An employer would be able to have a look at a candidate’s skills, hobbies and volunteer/work experience from their profile.

If the candidate’s social media profiles on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. are not private, it’s always not a bad idea to glance through them. Doing this may give an employer a sneak peek into their worldview and other activities outside the scope of professional behavior.

A Background check is Mandatory

As an employer, you might get a few hints about the candidate through online platforms. But is it enough to hire them?

Once you have narrowed down the list of candidates, you may conduct a series of checks on a potential employee to verify details, such as a reference check or a criminal history check. You can ask for references from their past employers and contact them. It is also highly recommended to ask the candidate to obtain a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check certificate.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) delivers the National Police Check Service which helps attain a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check, an integrity-based criminal history check.

You can also connect with reputed ACIC-accredited bodies like KONCHECK. It is a 100% online portal that lodges the application to the National Database safely and securely. It is also affordable and has a fast turnaround time.

By introducing such procedures in the recruiting policy, one can hire the right as well as legitimate and safe employees.

Define the Goal of your Company

A recent study reveals that in many cases a wrong job description hinders the recruitment of right talents. As an employer, one must write the job description clearly and set the target from the very beginning. If candidates don’t know what they have to do, how can you expect them to deliver their best?

Assembling a good team is just the beginning. It takes a thousand miles to reach the final goal! Trying to create a positive work culture for the employees always helps raise the bar of productivity. Always, be an employer of choice.

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  • Tamra Phelps

    Your employees can definitely be the difference between success and failure for a new business. I agree that hiring friends can be a big mistake. And background checks are mandatory!

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