How Your Dog Can Affect Your Home Insurance

Dogs are one of the most commonly owned pets by homeowners. With their wagging tails, wet noses, and unlimited love, it’s not hard to see why so many people choose these four-legged companions to share their house with. 

One thing dog owners may not consider is their furry friends’ effect on their insurance costs. Having a canine companion can play a role in how your insurance company determines your policy prices. 

There are many dog-friendly homeowners insurance options available. Looking into them is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting a great rate, but it’s also essential to understand how your pup can potentially affect your home insurance costs.

Dog Breed Plays a Factor in Home Insurance Prices

Even if your dog is trained and exceptionally well-behaved, it’s hard to escape a breed reputation. Home insurance companies won’t take the time to get to know your dog personally — they will only pay attention to their breed and how much liability they have.

Unfortunately, some breeds are more prone to behaviors such as biting, and your insurance company sees this as a massive risk for them. Your provider is thinking worst-case scenario. For higher-risk dog breeds, this means the possibility of your dog biting someone on your property. 

If an accident occurs, it falls on your home insurance company to cover any medical bills or civil suits that may result from the incident. Because of this possibility, your furry friend’s breed can have an impact on how much you’re paying for your coverage. 

Insurance providers may vary on their list of dangerous breeds, so it’s crucial to explore multiple options before deciding on your coverage. 

Reducing Your Costs on Home Insurance 

A higher rate likely isn’t the perfect companion for your dog. If you are looking for ways to save on home insurance, a few options potentially reduce your costs.

Look Into Special Coverage Options

Suppose your home insurance won’t cover your furry friend, or you’re worried their provided coverage won’t be enough. In that case, you can look further at special coverage options such as canine liability insurance. 

This particular coverage option covers damages such as property damages and dog bites. It won’t, however, protect you if a member of your household is injured. 

Canine liability is an excellent option for those with higher-risk dog breeds. The cost is typically low and can give you peace of mind in case of an accident.

Ask About Possible Exclusions

Although it’s safe to be protected, just in case, some costs are too high to pay each month. If your insurer asks too high of a premium to cover your dog, you can always ask about possible exclusions in your coverage.

Your provider will still offer standard coverage, but anything involving your four-legged friend would be left for you to cover out of pocket. 

Offer Your Insurance Company DNA Results

Performing a DNA test on your dog may seem excessive, but it can potentially help you get lower rates from your insurance company. If you can prove — with evidence — that your furry friend is not a high-risk breed, it can help you pay less per month for your home insurance.

Many people choose rescue dogs as their companions. Often, it can be tough to narrow down the exact breed of a dog you have no history on. Genetic testing can prove the specific breed of your pup, so you can explain to your insurance company if your dog has been mislabeled. 

Be sure to send your dog’s DNA results, so your provider has evidence to back your claims. This could allow you to drastically reduce your premium if you were previously being charged for a restricted breed.

Understanding Home Insurance With a Dog

Dogs are excellent companions on the road of life. They provide unconditional love, support, and company when you need it most. These four-legged friends can, unfortunately, have potential effects on your home insurance costs. 

Certain breeds raise higher risks than others, based on history and if they count as an exotic animal. It’s essential to do your research before making a home insurance purchase and look into potential alternatives if you struggle to find a company willing to work with you.

Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, InsuranceProviders.com. She is a homeowner with two dogs of her own and enjoys sharing her insurance knowledge with others to understand their policies better.

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  • Kiersten

    This isn’t really true. I’m an Insurance Agent for a major Insurance Company and we never ask about pets. We do offer pet insurance but that covers a pet’s medical bills if they get sick or injured. The only animals that may affect things are farm animals and that’s if you get Farm Insurance. Just have a dog, doesn’t have any affect on your insurance. It’s not even a factor when issuing a policy. Maybe, ask a company if they charge a higher premium for owning a dog. Just know there are companies out there that don’t.

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