Training Tips That You Can Use To Train Your Dog

Once you have finally bought a dog or adopted a dog, it will be required for you to train the dog if not the dog can become a menace ruining you rugs, peeing and pooping everywhere and making your home a mess. Training is required for all dogs no matter the age whether it is a puppy or fully grown dog as they might do things that will be against your desires. Not only training, but grooming is also very important for dogs and nail clipping is one important aspect of dog grooming. Make sure you have the best dog nail grinder that can make the dreadful process of nail grinding easy for you and your dog.

Below are some of the training tips that will ensure success in your dog training process:

*Choose your dog’s name wisely and be respectful of it: It is obvious that you will name your dog  but why this is the first step is because you will be calling out your dog severally in the training process. When giving out a name that you love to the dog consider the fact that dog has a great response to names that have a strong consonant ending and are short.

Examples of names that instructors use are Jack, Ginger, and Jasper. This is because these names normally perk up dogs’ ears and respond to your calling whenever you place a strong emphasis at the end of the name. Greatly consider this when you have a puppy as they can be very playful and name helps in getting their attention.

If the dog is older then it will most probably already have a name and in most scenarios, you will be required to change if the dog is having a long name and you will want to shorten it for training purposes.

*Decide on the house rules:  Decide on the areas of the house that are off-limits to the dog, decide on whether the dog is allowed or not allowed to sit or lay on the furniture, what the dog can and cannot do should also be specified. All this is done so as to avoid confusion and conflicts between the dog and you.

*Set up the dog’s private room: Just as you bring your newly acquired dog, get a room where the dog can privately sleep safely and without disturbance from your activities. It is important to know that even after selecting a room or building a kennel where the dog will be sleeping privately at first the dog will be moving from the place and sleeping somewhere else in the house so it is important not to overreact whenever this behavior happens.

You will have to keep on reminding the dog where it should be sleeping and rewarding him or her when it sleeps in its designated place.

*Help the dog to relax when he comes home: Getting the dog to relax and be comfortable in your home will greatly help the dog to respond to your calling in training. Get a pillow that is decorated with names like bite me or get tips when you click here. Place the dog there whenever it is sleeping, also put a ticking clock around the area as this will imitate its heartbeat and make it more responsive.

*Teach the dog to respond when called: Keep calling your dog until he or she responds to your calling and reward him or her whenever they do so. This will establish your alpha status to the dog and will ensure that the dog responds quickly whenever you call onto him or her even when they are busy doing other things.

*Take care of the jump up:  Dogs usually love to jump up whenever greeting you. Whenever this happens it is advisable not to punish him or her but to ignore this type of behavior until he or she decides to calm down before being positive to the greetings. It is important not to encourage this type of behavior from your dog by praising or patting your dog as the dog can jump up when you are holding a perishable object and thus causing damage to it. You can discourage this from jumping up behavior by not giving the dog attention.

*Teach your dog on time: Dogs and puppies can forget whenever they have done something good or bad as they tend to live in the moment. Therefore, you will have to be persistent whenever you are correcting the dog on the same mistake and reward him or her when they do something good so as to instill the desired type of behavior on the dog.

*Discourage your dog from nipping or biting: A good way that will help you to stop your dog from biting instead of scolding him or her whenever it bites you is to pretend that you are in pain. This is playing with the dog’s psychology and thus will discourage your dog from biting and nipping you. You can even get the dog a chewing toy which will keep your dog’s carnassial teeth busy.