How to Turn Your Luck Around


When it comes to winning, like in the cases of a lucky draw or getting an entry into a sweepstakes, most of us end up with zilch. No one is in control of their fate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn it around for the better.

In this post, it is more than possible to shrug off your bad luck streak and start winning or even come close to winning. Here are some of the ways in which you can do that:

1.  Adjust Your Behavior

One of the first things to start bringing good luck in your future is to change your behavior, which is your attitude, style, and mood.

A.   Relax

If you experience tension or stress, then you need to release it by relaxing. You can do this by meditating, walking or even talking to your friends.

B.   Change Your Routine

If you want to change your luck around, you need to expose yourself to new chance opportunities. This means meeting up with friends at a new location, talking to new people or changing your routine to work. You won’t get anywhere if you do the same things every day.

C.   Heed Your Intuition

Logic and reason alone can’t always lead you to chance opportunities. Sometimes, you just have to wing it, like listing to your gut for instance. You can’t always control the outcome of events, but you can at times, follow a hunch that consists of rewards.

D.   Keep Away From Social Media

Being hooked on social media status can really stress you out, make you envious or even lonely. Instead, get out of your comfort zone, like enjoy nature, be active, try something new, like exercising or listening to music.

2.  Change Your Mindset

A.   Open up to Chance Opportunities

Various scientific studies have documented that luckier people keep an open mind and seek out chance opportunities. These opportunities are random encounters that appear to benefit lucky people.

B.   Keep Future Expectations High

Analyze and map out your dreams and ambitions and be sure to set up achievable goals so you can increase your chances of accomplishing them. You never know if and when some of these opportunities can change your luck for the better.

C.   Get Around Bad Luck

Instead of being hampered by negatives like not winning another sweepstakes, focus on the positives like knowing you can enter another one sometime later. If you keep that positive attitude with you at all times, you are sure to encounter something good and meaningful in your life later on. In other words, you can create your own good luck by changing your outlook.

Also, be grateful. Some studies reveal that reflecting on things that you’re grateful for can make you both a happier and luckier person.

D.   Be Mindful of Things That Bother You and Avoid Them

Motivate yourself that you indeed have the power to change your situation. You can do this by addressing all of the things that are upsetting you and think of ways on how you can make yourself feel better about it. Whether those issues involve a relationship, finance, work or school, you are the one who can give all the bad stuff a positive spin.

E.   Be Optimistic

Being optimistic enables you to view things in a positive light, even if it involves an unfortunate outcome. For instance, if you trip and break an arm, an unlucky person would constantly think about how it was bad luck that made him fall on his arm. A lucky person, on the other hand, would instead focus on how lucky he was that he didn’t fall on his non-dominant hand.

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  • Calvin

    Good tips, sometimes letting go is the ultimate solution in the long run. I think that using strategies to improve your odds are good too.

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