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Alternative Transportation Methods That Are Greener Than Cars

These days most of the American families own 2 or more vehicles as their everyday sources of transportation. And most of those are powered by gasoline engines, which means we as a society continue to induce harm upon the environment. My intention with this piece is to show you the variety of alternative options available to you. This way you might consider using another form of transportation that is more efficient and eco – friendly.

Cars cause a lot of harm to the environment. They not only use large amounts of oil, but a ton of energy is consumed for their production, too. For the vehicle production process are used materials like steel, rubber, glass, paint, plastic, etc. The results of this production are polluted air and suffering many health conditions like asthma for example.

The good news here is that we have the choice to change our future and to leave better living conditions for our children. We can personally reduce our impact on the environment, by choosing to ditch the traditional vehicle and try some other form of transportation that is gentler to the environment. Here are some of the options:


Your bike is one of the most practical transportation options. It is cost-effective, eco-friendly and by using it, you will become fitter and healthier. Other benefits are:

You should consider this option. Bike paths are a big part of today cityโ€™s infrastructure. There are even bike-sharing programs that allow you to rent a bike. Also, there are special bike parking areas nearby metro, train and bus stations. So you can use it in combination with public transportation.


Longboards are pretty popular. If this is the first time you’re hearing about them then they are definitely worth looking into. A beginners longboard is reasonably cheap and easier to learn how to ride than skateboards. They are like skateboards, but longer and wider, which make them more stable and maneuverable. There are electric foldable longboards, which are compact and provide a large range. For more information, click here. You can move around the city fast, avoiding traffic jams, and after reaching your endpoint, just fold the board and put it in your backpack. This transportation option will add excitement to your everyday life. It is a green and economical option that will keep you happy. Your longboard will also set you apart from the boring crowd.

*Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

In case you absolutely need to own a car, consider buying a hybrid or an electric one. These are more eco-friendly and at the same time, you will be astonished how powerful and efficient these are. Competition in the market increases constantly, so costs are coming down. Soon it will be more affordable to buy a hybrid or an electric car than gas fueled one.

These are just a part of the available alternative options for traveling. You can choose one of them and save money, take care of the environment, and be healthier at the same time. So be proactive and make the changes necessary for us to have a cleaner planet.

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