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How to Take A Holistic Approach to Your Health & Wellbeing

There is nothing as important as a person’s health. Sit and imagine what life would be like if you were not currently healthy. You would be focusing all of your attention on the problems at hand, not to mention you would be in a lot of pain because of it as well. This being the case, you need to make the appropriate lifestyle changes to your everyday routine so that you are health conscious, every single step of the way.

Everyone knows that it’s important to eat a proper diet and exercise, but how do you take care of yourself in a way that betters your mind, body, as well as spirit? This is where the holistic approach to health comes in, as it’s meant to treat the person as a whole, and not merely the health problem at hand. You are choosing to heal yourself through the various natural remedies that are available and doing this will change your life forever. If this is something you are new to, checking out something like this Holistic health blog could help you get a better understanding of what this involves and this might be able to benefit you.

Here are a few approaches you can take in order to live this type of life.

1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the easiest things you can practice, although it will be hard to master, especially at the beginning. It requires you to learn how to live within the present and not let your mind wander to the various chaos that tends to take up your thoughts. There are countless online videos and articles, even applications you can download, that teach you how and when to breathe in and out, and how to focus on the present moment. This is the first example of a holistic approach, as it takes into consideration a person’s entire wellbeing.

2. Yoga

Yoga is furthermore a physical activity that has been practiced by many people all over the world, and it not only helps you be more active, but learn how to be at peace. You need to practice breathing in and out slowly, while visualizing the movement of your body, improving your balance and boosting your energy levels.

3. Plant-based remedies

Given that holistic healthcare is all natural, plant-based remedies is a common treatment to something that has gone amiss. One common example of this can be seen through drinking tea, especially as it is rich in antioxidants and helps the body in more ways than one. Another example that is becoming particularly popular across different parts of North America is using medical marijuana to eliminate stress and a number of other conditions. Knowing that sites like wiseweeds exists could make it a lot easier when it comes to finding an online dispensary and assisting with any health concerns you are having. What would we do without the internet?

The good news is that you are now able to purchase it from a dispensary or another state-licensed store, for which you can learn more about online. This has become such a popular remedy option that it can even be medically prescribed by a doctor, depending on the patient’s needs, of course. Depending on the state that you live in, you can simply order online or shop in store for your marijuana needs. In the state of Washington for example, Marijuana is legal and you can shop online from places like Green Theory dispensary. They have specials and sales plus you are able to earn points towards future purchases. As always however, be sure to do your research through Reviews, speaking with your doctor, and looking through academic papers before you choose to partake in this route.

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that dates back hundreds of years ago. You have already heard of this approach, as it requires the use of tiny needles which are placed in particular spots of a person’s body to balance one’s energy levels and get rid of pain. It goes back to the idea of harmony and achieving yin and yang. There is a total of 350 acupuncture spots throughout the body, and even if you don’t completely understand how the process works, there are people who have tried this approach and swear by its benefits. Why not try it for yourself and see?

5. Essential oils

Thinking more about natural remedies that can be used, once again, purchasing and using essential oils throughout your home further helps your mind, and even body, relax. There are countless different flowers and plants you can choose from, while each provide their own long list of benefits. The most commonly used ones are there to relieve any type of stress that could be taking up your mind’s focus. Invest in a diffuser in order to spread the essential oils to every corner of the room, and also place a little bit on your wrist.

6. Massage therapy

Your body’s muscles and ligaments get tired and sore, and it’s only natural when you are constantly out of the house and moving around. The holistic approach that can be taken here is massage therapy, and thus helps look after this type of pain, as it arises. This is a popular approach taken by many people, and it is no longer contained to luxury spas. In fact, even some companies will offer their employees massage benefits, as it works to reduce stress and brings with it a feeling of comfort. You can get massage therapy from places like Activa Clinics who offer a comfortable environment and whole-body health and wellness for the maximum experience.

7. Feng shui within the home

Have you ever thought about benefiting your health and finding your balance within the home? It’s not just about the activities you do, but the way you set up your life. This means that your home must use feng shui practices, in other words, setting it up in a way that it is one with nature and boosts the flow of energy within the various rooms. This is a technique that speaks to the way furniture and objects are placed within the home and can thus harmonize a given space.

8. Finding your purpose

Everyone lives their life and tries to find their purpose along the way. Taking care of your health does not necessarily only mean making certain purchases and engaging in different practices, but rather, trying to determine what it is you should be doing in life, meaning in terms of work, hobby, and whatever else it may be. For example, there is no point in working at a job that makes you unhappy. Rather, you should take some time off, consider even traveling, and figure out along the way what it is that you should do.

Although holistic approaches to healthcare are not always the most common approaches that you hear about, especially given the state of modern technology, but they are always worth pursuing. You shouldn’t only work to treat the disease or illness that you are suffering from, but your entire being as a whole. In your search for optimal health, you must take into consideration your mind, body, and spiritual wellbeing, while remembering to always think of the big picture.


  • Tamra Phelps

    A serious illness I had in February meant I dealt with a lot of doctors, and while I definitely appreciate their efforts, I’ve come to really appreciate a more holistic, natural treatment, too. I’ve had success with it.

  • Lauryn R

    These are such great ways to take control of your body naturally! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and just recently (in the last month) discovered that I am allergic to gluten as well. Rather than take medications and hurt my stomach and insides, I choose the holistic approach instead. Your diet and exercise can play a huge role in your health!

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