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7 Good Reasons You Should Swim Even In Winter

Nobody can overestimate the benefits of water training. Swimming helps you become strong, resilient, and agile. This sport strengthens and develops all the internal systems of the body. And also harmoniously forms the relief of the body.

Therefore, no matter what the season is, you should keep swimming in your pool. Here are some good reasons to motivate you to keep swimming.

Health Benefits Of Swimming

1- Water Speeds Up Metabolism

Swimming is a safe and effective form of physical activity. Water helps keep all muscle groups in good shape and charges you with vigor and a good mood. And also helps to lose extra pounds in a lightweight way. Swimming accelerates metabolism, which is very important during weight loss. Metabolism is gaining momentum due to thermoregulation processes. In one hour of exercise, you can burn from 200 to 400 calories.

This happens if you observe one condition strictly: you need to swim intensively, without stopping for at least 20 minutes. If there is no opportunity or strength to do this, you can take an inflatable ring or mattress with you. Water games with a ball are also useful. It is enough to visit the pool a couple of times a week.

Cool water is best for weight loss exercises, as it forces the body to burn calories at an intense rate. The optimum temperature is 26 ℃. In colder water (24-25 ℃), you need to move actively. Otherwise, you can freeze. Then the body will begin to accumulate subcutaneous fat.

2- Swimming Strengthens The Breathing Muscles

Swimming in the pool has a positive effect on the development of the respiratory system. To take a breath, a person needs to overcome the resistance of the water, which presses on the chest. This pressure also allows for a full exhalation. This process can be called respiratory gymnastics, which develops the respiratory muscles. Here, all lung tissue takes part in the work, which strengthens the lungs.

Also, their elasticity increases, and their volume increases. As a result of training in water, the lungs get enriched with oxygen, which enters all systems and organs of the body. With regular exercise, the swimmer performs up to eight breathing cycles per minute.

3- Swimming Is A Good Therapy

If you notice, many of the alcohol rehab centers have fitness areas for the addicts. These include gyms, swimming pools, etc. According to specialists, swimming is a great addiction recovery therapy that strengthens the muscle and helps to gain power. 

For those who want to recover from addiction, swimming is a great option. Just have the motivation to do it regularly. Without consistency, you cannot achieve good results.

4- Swimming Spares Joints

During swimming, there is no load on the joints, due to which the possibility of injury gets excluded. You cannot say this about other sports. But at the same time, the joints are in motion and are perfectly worked out. Doctors prescribe swimming as therapeutic exercises or rehabilitation for patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthrosis, arthritis, muscle inflammation, and other diseases. 

Swimming in the pool can strengthen your muscles and also help relieve pain. It is also beneficial for people suffering from osteochondrosis.

5- Cardiovascular Training

Exercise in the form of swimming has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. During training in the water, it starts working more actively. Breathing quickens, body position becomes horizontal, and muscles contract regularly. All this provides a positive load on the functioning of blood vessels and heart muscle.

Swimming in the pool strengthens the heart; it becomes stronger. The frequency of contractions of the organ decreases 40-60 beats per minute, at a rate of 60-95 times. This process allows the heart to work more economically and wear less.

As for the vessels, they become thicker and more elastic. You spend energy on their reduction, the level of cholesterol decreases. Blood pressure also gets normalized by increasing the diameter of the arteries.

6- Minimal Risk Of Injury

Swimming is a gentle and safe sport because the risk of injury is minimal. Indeed, in water, the mass of a human body decreases tenfold. Anyone can swim, even those who have not previously played sports. The innate ability to stay on the water will help dodge blows. Swimming is beneficial during the recovery period after many injuries and illnesses.

Injury is possible only through negligence, for example, falling on a slippery floor in the shower. In the water, there are lesser chances of getting injured. Although in rare cases, you may not notice the side and hit it, this is rather an exception.

7- Relieves Tension And Tightness In Muscles

You may not know that a person becomes 90% lighter in the water, due to which the musculoskeletal system relaxes. During training in water, the body is in a horizontal position. This is what minimizes the load on the spine and joints. Training on land does not give such a good result. This is the main advantage over other types of sports activities.

In the water, the spine stretches, all the vertebrae fall into place. If you have back problems, swimming will be the salvation. The movements performed in the water significantly exceed the performance of the exercises performed on land. This function of the joints strengthens the musculoskeletal system and, at the same time, relieves muscle tension.


Water massages the body, thereby improving blood circulation in the vessels, the muscles tone. Regular swimming lessons give a person energy, vigor, and efficiency. Also, the speed of thought processes increases as the brain is better supplied with oxygen.

We highly recommend that you include this sport in your life and notice the good changes in your body. Swimming not only freshens you up but also relaxes a person and speeds up the recovery process after several diseases.

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