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4 Reasons to Consider Self Storage

Have you got too much ‘stuff’? Perhaps your life is changing and you need to store your things for a particular amount of time. What do you do?

Sure, some of us have huge houses and storing our things may not be that hard, but if something in your life is changing and you suddenly need to have some of your belongings stored for a short to medium amount of time, what do you do?

The answer, my friends, is self-storage.

Why Self-Storage?

Here are a couple of reasons to consider a self-storage option.

There are many reasons you may wish to invest in self storage, but the main one is that you need your belongings to be safe for a certain amount of time. Most people don’t put their belongings in long-term storage, but using a service like MIBOX Calgary gives the flexibility to have your possessions delivered to you or removed from one property to another without having to arrange extra removal vans.

Expecting a Baby

If you have a baby on the way, you’ll suddenly need to make space for a LOT more stuff! If this is your first baby, it will be even more, sadly!

Babies require all sorts of bulky things: cots, cribs, playpens, Moses baskets, swings, highchairs, baby baths, and even more. You may also find that people begin to give you lots of things that may only be suitable for when the baby is no longer a baby!

Self-storage can be a great answer for this. Put the things you don’t yet need in storage and then clear out a room completely for baby and put the furniture into the self-storage. When your baby has outgrown all of their things and you know you’re hoping to have another baby, it may be worth getting self-storage ready for the next one!

Gap Year, University, Working Away

Anything that takes you away from your house for a few months on end may warrant self-storage. We hear so many stories of people who leave for a gap year and then don’t come back for 4 years! 

This is definitely a time to get self-storage and the bonus is that if you own your property you can put your personal belongings into self-storage and rent out your home for Air BnB!


Perhaps the most obvious reason for needing self-storage is moving to a new location and into a new home. Make use of services like those available from Atlanta Home Movers, as they have a team of professionals that will help to make the move seamless and easy. They can move items to the self storage unit if need be and also to your new home.

Self-storage also helps stage your home ready for sale as it naturally means your house will look emptier and bigger.


Many people take out short-term self-storage for house renovations, especially big renovation projects like adding an extra extension, a new floor, or a huge back extension or having the roof repaired. Getting a self-storage option for you and your home makes a lot of sense as it means you can keep your personal belongings secure while your home is perhaps not the safest!

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