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How to Shop Safely for Colleagues During the Holidays

The holidays have finally arrived, and many people are firmly in the festive mode. If you happen to be a professional, you may be looking for last minute gifts for partners, clients or colleagues before business closes up for Christmas. There are several ongoing sales as well as promos around this period in which you can make the most of. However, it is crucial that while buying gifts, you remember to be as safe as possible when shopping and interacting online. You can do so by taking the right precautions. If you need a few reminders for protecting yourself during the holidays, then continue reading below.

Use Reputable Sites

Before shopping on any site online, try and verify that it’s safe and secure. There are several ways how you can ensure that a website fits this description and you’ll see some below:  

  • Look for a Secure Symbol: A site is usually seen as reputable if it has a secure symbol. This is a small padlock symbol usually located in the address bar. Another way to find out if a site is secure is by looking out for ‘https’ as the ‘s’ stands for secure.  
  • Trust Your Intuition: At times, your gut feeling tells you that an offer is too good to be true, and in most cases, you should listen. It’s possible that if after comparing on different sites the offer is unrealistic, then it may be pirated or illegal.
  • Do research: Don’t be afraid to do research before purchasing an item to check reviews and experiences of other buyers. Doing so could save you from making a purchase that could end up being a scam.

Avoid Making Purchases in Public Spaces

Try and stick to making purchases when you’re in a private space, especially if you happen to run a business. This is because when you’re using public wi-fi, you can’t guarantee that you’re using a secure network and your data won’t be breached. If you must shop in public, however, using a virtual private network could help make you less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You can find the best vpn by searching online.

Be Cautious

When shopping online with your card, being cautious is vital as you’re at risk of fraud. You should note that when making payments for items online, you should never be asked for sensitive information such as your pin or online banking password. If you do find yourself in a situation where you feel sensitive information has been stolen and used for fraudulent activities, and you’ve been accused, you should call serious fraud solicitors. They may be able to help you quickly resolve the issue.

Keep Passwords Safe

If you’re buying gifts online using your business accounts, then it’s crucial that you keep all sensitive information protected. One way to do this is by safeguarding account passwords and ensuring only the people who need access to such information have it.

Remember: Create a strong password by using three random words and make it as long as possible. Multi-factor authentication and not writing it down are tips to consider too.

Shopping during the holidays should be a good experience and not one filled with hassle and stress. If you remember to shop in the safest way possible, you should be able to get your colleagues or clients gifts they love and enjoy a peaceful holiday season.


  • Paula Ball

    I live in a rural area & only shopping within 20 miles is Dollar General so we do lots of shopping online. I’ve only had 1 problem with an eBay seller & eBay promptly got my refund.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This is such great information for anytime of year. I really learned a lot from this article. Thank you so much for sharing this

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