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My Savvy Review Of Hemp Cat Litter By Pure Advantage & Why It’s My New Go-To!

Are you a cat lover like myself? Do have a furry feline that you love and adore and that you want to provide the best of the best to? Well… I am always looking for the latest and greatest in cat products as they are always evolving and it is the reason that I jumped at the chance to work with Pure Advantage to give their new Hemp Cat Litter a try! Can I tell you that I am in love! Well I am and there are so many reasons why. Let’s take a look at why I am loving this Hemp Cat Litter from Pure Advantage and the benefits that it provides to both you and your cat and why you need to try it too!

To start let me tell you that I absolutely love the fact that this Hemp Cat Litter from Pure Advantage is a sustainable product and that it is made in the USA. Products made to be sustainable and also that are made in the USA are a top priority for me whenever possible when shopping for my families needs. For these reasons I wanted to work with Pure Advantage to give this new Hemp Cat Litter a try and I have to tell you that both my cat and I are loving it.

When I first received this new Hemp Cat Litter from Pure Advantage, I followed their directions for incorporating this new-to-us cat litter into my cats litter box. You want to introduce it a little at a time so that your cat can get comfortable to the change in their litter without being overwhelmed to start. To do this is super simple… Pure Advantage suggests that you gradually switch your cat to the new hemp cat litter over a 3 to 5 day timeframe. Shadow the cat did pretty well with it and we completely switched to using 100% Hemp Cat Litter in a 3 day timeframe by doing each step below each day for 3 days.

Step 1)Clean your litter box or use a new one. Mix 1/3 of the new Hemp Cat Litter with 2/3 of your current litter.

Step 2)When your cat has adjusted, increase the mixture 2/3 hemp cat litter and 1/3 your current litter.

Step 3)Now you will completely replace the mixture to all Hemp Cat Litter. Maintain at least 2-3 inches of litter.

Pretty easy right!? And the transition is so worth it as I also love that disposing of this cat litter is super easy and beneficial too! My traditional litter ends up in my garbage BUT this all natural Hemp Cat Litter from Pure Advantage is not only ALL-NATURAL but also sustainable and biodegradable. You can add it to your garden or compost pile to make quality compost with it which I absolutely love!

There are even more reasons to choose this new Hemp Cat Litter from Pure Advantage. It starts with the fact that Hemp Cat Litter is made of Hemp Stalks which is an all-natural, renewable resource that is biodegradable and compostable making it environmentally friendly. There are no harmful chemicals, additives or artificial perfumes so it’s safe for pets, pet owners and the planet! Add to that the fact that this Hemp pellet cat litter is highly absorbent, 4 to 5 times more absorbent than traditional clay cat litter which means it lasts longer too!

Not only is this Hemp Cat Litter more absorbent than traditional clay cat litters, but this hemp cat litter absorbs the ammonia odors providing long lasting odor control and super easy litter box maintenance. You can also easily see the wet hemp cat litter after my cat goes to the bathroom and it is easily removed with the sifter. Take a look at the photos below…..

Benefits of Hemp Cat Litter

*99% Dust Free

*5X More Absorbent Than Clay

*Completely Compostable

*No Chemicals Or Pesticides

*Outstanding Odor Control

*Safe for Pets, People & The Planet!

This Hemp Cat Litter from Pure Advantage is available in 10 pound and 20 pound bags & we are loving it! It is long lasting so those bags will last for quite sometime making them an affordable and sustainable cat litter option that I highly recommend! Check out this fabulous hemp cat litter from Pure Advantage today and make the sustainable change! It is good for you cat, for you and for the Planet and all while being made in the USA!


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