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How to Make Kidney-Friendly Dog Food Tasty 

Hearing your furry loved one has chronic kidney disease (CKD) or is at risk of chronic kidney failure can be difficult. But not all is lost—with the right diet, your dog can start to feel better and act like themselves again.  

The problem is getting them to accept a new diet. Don’t worry—there are ways to make a kidney diet for dogs delicious.  

Can You Make a Kidney Diet for Dogs Tasty? 

Having a kidney-friendly diet is crucial for the quality of life of your pup. The problem is that many changes must be made to offer a better quality of life, which sometimes lowers their food’s tastiness. Luckily, there are ways to enhance the flavors of the food they can eat. 

What Needs to Change in Their Diet 

First, let’s give a brief overview of what type of changes in their diet need to occur when a dog has kidney disease:  

*Reduced—but high-quality—protein: Protein is filtered through the kidneys which can cause diseased kidneys more stress, yet dogs still need protein for muscle health. High-quality protein sources provide the healthy amount needed without being too difficult to process.  

*Less phosphorus: When kidneys fail, phosphorus builds up and starts to cause harm, similar to vitamin D deficiency. Phosphorus is connected to how much protein a dog consumes, hence the protein modification.  

*Reduced sodium: Reducing sodium keeps a dog’s blood pressure at a normal level and reduces the workload of the kidneys (and helps keep your dog hydrated).  

*More omega-3s: Omega-3 acids slow the progression of kidney disease by reducing the body’s inflammation, especially around the kidneys.  

*Increased water intake: Keeping your pup hydrated is essential to their health when dealing with kidney issues. Having plenty of water in their system makes the kidneys’ job easier.  

How to Make Delicious Kidney-Friendly Food 

Needless to say, a kidney diet is a massive change to a dog’s diet. Many pet parents struggle to get their furry family member to eat kidney-friendly food, but they don’t have to. Here are three ways to make their kidney-friendly dog diet tastier: 

1.Use whole food: Kidney diet dog food that uses whole food ingredients maintains the natural tastes of fruits, vegetables, and meat. This will taste better than overly processed food. Just check with your veterinarian that the ingredients are safe for dogs with kidney disease.  

2. Add warm water: Warm water activates all the different smells within a dog’s meal, which will entice your fur baby to eat. Plus, the additional moisture will keep them hydrated. You can also use different forms of broth as well, as long as they’re safe.  

3. Add a topping: There’s nothing wrong with adding a topping to their meal. Food like cheese, yogurt, and gravy can all work to encourage eating. Just be sure to use an appropriate amount. 

The Right Diet Changes Everything 

While chronic kidney disease has no cure, you can take control of the situation by providing your fur baby with a healthy, kidney-friendly diet. Not only will this improve their quality of life, but if caught early enough, it can slow the disease’s progression—leading to more years together.