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5 Things You Should Know About Trekking In Bhutan Before Booking The Trip

Bhutan is one of the few countries that has many tourist attractions. They have done a lot to improve the authenticity of their culture, protecting their environment and they are also focused on the sustainability of their economy. The number of tourists visiting the country keeps increasing every year. Trekking in Bhutan is one of the main fun activities. But before you book a trip to Bhutan, some background information regarding such trips is necessary. You need to know a few basics of this small country and how you can access help. You also need to know the routes to take and basically how to ensure you enjoy the trip.

Here are 5 things you should know about trekking in Bhutan before booking the trip:

1. Beware of laws and regulations

Bhutan is a country that promotes environmental conservation. When visiting the country, ensure that you are aware of some of the basic laws that may affect you directly. For example, there is a plastic bag in place, the killing of endangered species has heavy penalties. They have laws to protect their culture especially their sense of dressing. Bhutan also prohibits smoking and even guests are cautioned about smoking in this country.

2. Adventure experts make it easier and more fun

Bhutan has vast places of interests for visitors. There are no chartered routes for travel. Tourists will find it extremely difficult to navigate this area that is full of tourists’ attraction. You, therefore, need a tour guide. You will also get briefs on how the country operates, what to do and not to do and a guide to accommodation and transport. Kandoo adventures are one of the best tour guide companies. A trek in Bhutan is a lot more fun with expert tour guides.

3. Peak and off-peak season

During peak seasons when more tourists are expected in the country, the charges are higher. Foreigners pay more to visit tourists’ attractions in the country at these times. Bhutan is known of its benevolence to their citizens. All proceeds from tourism go to the citizens. Peak seasons are usually during spring which is March to May and also during fall which runs from September to November.

4. Accommodation

You should plan wisely for your accommodations. After a long and fun-filled trek in the mountains and all of the other tourists’ attraction in Bhutan, you will very much appreciate a nice place to rest. The company with which you organize the trip can arrange for your accommodations. But if you really want to experience life as a Bhutanese, it is good to opt for a homestay. Most of the homes lack modern facilities. But the Bhutan people are very good at hospitality.

5. Festivals

Apart from trekking, while at Bhutan, you may also enjoy festivals. Your tour guide company can help you know the various festival dates and help you reserve a ticket since they are usually sold out long before the start of the festivals.

If your safety and having more fun are your priorities when planning a trip to Bhutan, then ensure you seek for professional tour guide services. You will be able to access tickets to various tourist attraction at affordable rates and also get good accommodations.

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