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9 Thrilling Las Vegas Adventures You’ll Want to Do This Year

Think about it this way: Almost 1.9 million guests visited Las Vegas in October 2020 alone. So if you’re interested in the best adventures in Las Vegas, you’re in good company.

Looking for fun, spectacular, or one-of-a-kind things to see and do in Vegas? Read on for nine thrilling Las Vegas adventures you’ll want to do this year!

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

1. Hike Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

If you really love adventure, then you’ll definitely want to hike the Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada. No matter if you are craving an easy or strenuous hike, there’s something to do for everyone on this moderate trail.

Pro tip: Stretching more than 6 miles, it helps to do this hike in the morning to avoid the blistering heat.

2. Shark Swim at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

For those of you who’ve ever wanted to swim with sharks, visiting Las Vegas is the perfect time to do so. That’s because you can safely go shark swimming at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This is an extremely rare opportunity that’s perfect for people who already have a SCUBA certification.

But if you don’t feel like swimming in a real shark tank, have no fear. You’ll also be able to watch other majestic sea creatures from outside of the aquarium, including turtles and crocodiles!

3. Race Cars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway 

Have a real need for speed?

Luckily for you, it’s easy to get behind the wheel of a fast car in Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, the best place to do so is to race cars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

On top of hopping behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or a NASCAR stock car, you can also hire a professional to take the wheel and ride as a passenger as well. Whatever you choose, there’s nothing like feeling the wind through your hair as you do laps around this prestigious driving course.

4. Ride Off-Road Buggies at Vegas Mini Baja Chase

If you’ve never heard of the Vegas Mini Baja Chase, then you’re in for a real treat. That’s because you’ll have the chance to tear up the sand in off-road buggies, made specifically to cruise at a rapid speed through desert terrain in the Mojave Desert.

Incredibly enough, you’ll even have up to a half-an-hour to drive through unpredictable territory like:• Dunes• Hills• Creek beds• Valleys• Gravel

At the end of the day, the goal of your desert chase is simple – to catch the professional driver that’s leading the way! 

5. Dive at the Grand Canyon Skydiving Experience

First of all, skydiving at the Grand Canyon Skydiving Experience is one of the most exhilarating things to do for those of you who don’t have a fear of heights. Besides diving out of the sky, you’ll get to land in one of the most famous canyons in the world – the Grand Canyon.

Yes, you read that right!

Plus, you can even extend your adventure by booking a South Rim Bus Tour for a full day to save money. How can you possibly beat that?

6. Row Boats at Black Canyon River Rafting

Another adrenaline-pumping activity to do is to go white river rafting down the Colorado River. When you book this unique tour, you’ll be able to fly straight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, taking in gorgeous sites such as the:• Mojave Desert• Lake Mead• Guano Point• Eagle Point

When you get to your destination, you can take a look at the Grand Canyon on foot, enjoying a fast breakfast before taking a quick drive to the Hoover Dam for the water part of your tour. This includes a 10+ mile rafting trip through Black Canyon via the Colorado River.

Want to take it up a notch? Ask your instructor if you can dive out of your raft and swim in the river!

7. Take an Eldorado Adventure With an ATV

To turn up the heat on your Las Vegas adventure trip, you’ve got to check out the valley of the Grand Canyon in an ATV. To get started, you have to take a helicopter for over an hour across gorgeous natural sites like Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the Mojave Desert. Then, you can take a ride through the desert for several hours with your tour guide. 

In terms of travel time, your trip should include: • 70 minutes helicopter time• 30 minutes at the floor of the Grand Canyon• 2 hour ATV ride at Eldorado Canyon

Just make sure that you wake up early enough for call time – the adventure begins at 6:30 AM sharp.

8. Saddle up With a Horse Ride Into Sunset

Let’s face it: You can’t leave Nevada without saddling up on a horse and riding into the sunset. That’s right – you can safely ride into the wilderness on a horse to catch a glimpse of the “Wild Wild West.”

Besides learning how cowboys and Native Americans lived on their own in the desert, you can also see wildlife such as:• Jackrabbits• Bighorn sheep• Coyotes

Bonus points – you can even have your own campfire to cook up some delicious desert meals.

9. Tour Mines With the Techatticup Mine Tour

If you want to take a step back in time, then you’ve got to take a look at the Eldorado Canyon and the Techatticup Mine Tour. After you’ve been picked up from the Las Vegas strip, you’ll be shuttled to Boulder County. Once there, you can:• Explore the El Dorado Canyon• Head to the Techatticup Mines• Take a pit stop at Hoover Dam

And so much more…

Want to take your Las Vegas outdoor adventures to the next level?

FYI: You might want to check out hang gliding as well!

Live It up With Las Vegas Adventures 

Ready to live it up with Las Vegas adventures?

From dazzling tours to adventure sports in Las Vegas, we’ve got everything you need to have a great time in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

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