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How to extend your pool’s swimming season

So, the summer has come & gone, and like last year you still wonder if you could have a few more days to enjoy diving in the pool, playing with kids, and inviting your friends over for poolside parties. We all know there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than lazing around the pool all day long. However, as temperatures start to dip, we’re forced to put the curtains down on the pool season. 

But, what if he says you can extend the life of your private pool? How? Scroll down to know some tips achieve that:- 

#1 Invest in a Solar Pool Cover

solar pool cover harnesses the direct sun’s energy to heat the pool. In simple words, when the blanket of the solar cover is onto the pool, the water underneath is heating up. When you remove the solar pool cover, the water is warm & comfortable, approx 15 degrees more than what would have been without the cover. 

If you invest in a solar cover, you can undoubtedly extend your pool season up to fall, and your pool season can start  a couple of months earlier into the spring. 

#2 Install a Pool Enclosure

A pool enclosure gives you the power to turn your private outdoor pool into an indoor one. It encases the pool and creates a warmer space for you and your kids to dive-in. It even seals the hot-air in, so you swim even when it is freezing cold outside. 

Another benefit of installing a pool enclosure is that it keeps dirt, debris, rain, and other contaminants at bay. So, as you can control the pool’s inside temperature, and enjoy swimming in the pool all year long. 

#3 A Pool Water Heater  

A pool water heater is the most cost-effective way to enjoy warm water, and it requires minimal upkeep and maintenance. As the evening becomes cooler, turn-on your heater to have optimal warm water for enjoying a pleasant swim. Swimming in a well-heater pool can protect against stiffness, joint pain, and aches from swimming in cold water. Warm water promotes calming relaxation and soothes sore muscles. 

There are mainly three popular options for pool heaters, and these are as follow:-

An Electric Pool Heater: It maintains optimal pool water temperature consistently even during the winter months and is energy efficient. 

A Solar Pool Heater: Save money in the long-term and safe the environment by investing in a solar pool water heater. With a solar pool heater, there are no monthly recurring payments. 

A Natural Gas Heater: It can heat the pool water quickly, even if the heater was off for a while. However, a neutral gas heater isn’t an environment-friendly choice.

Extending your swimming season, maintaining good health, and spending quality time with family are the compelling reasons to opt for any of these pool water heater options.  

In the end, these three tips are most effective to make your summer last longer, but you have to decide whether to invest in a combination or any one of these, as your budget allows.  


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