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6 Reasons You Should Rescue a Dog and Not Shop

While adopting a dog from a shelter home may seem like a lot of work, you may have to deal with the dog’s insecurity of abandonment, but it is still worth the effort. Here are 10 reasons why you should definitely consider it.

1. Most Shelter Animals are Already House -Trained:

These shelter animals are abandoned by families, which means whether they were moving, felt that the dog did not fit in, or could not take care of them. These dogs have spent time in someone else’s home, which means the previous owner may have already house-trained them. They would also have been trained by the shelter home officials; hence you will have to train them less.

2. You Will Be Taking a Step Against Cruelty:

When you buy a dog from a breeder, you actually support them who literally only breed dogs to make profits by selling their litters. Most of these dogs are kept in poor conditions. These breeders may not have proper medical care experience too. And when these dogs are not profitable, they are just discarded or abandoned. By adopting a dog rather than buying one, you are supporting to stop this cruelty.

3. These Animals Deserve a Home:

These animals had a home and now have been abandoned, not for any fault of theirs. They must have been treated wrongly and then just left to fend for themselves, which is heartbreaking. How about getting them home and providing them a place in your heart? These dogs will love you more than ever for offering them this second chance.

4. You Get to Pick Your Own Furry Friend:

There are many dogs in the shelter home from which you can choose one. These dogs are eager to show you love if you accept them. You will surprisingly find several designer breeds here as well, such as a Labradoodle or a Goldendoodle rescue and a chance to pick the one you have wanted for a while. 

5. You Get to Know the Animal’s Health and Temperament History in Advance:

The animal shelter officials let you know if the dog has any health issues in advance so that you can care for them accordingly. Also, they make you aware of the dog’s temperament and nature that will make it easy for you to deal with the dog.

6. You Will Feel Proud for Saving a Life:

It feels great to save a life, and you will experience it every day when you see your pet happy around you. Especially the thought that you decided to offer an animal a home rather than buying one will make you feel elated.

The Bottom Line- Happiness Cannot Be Bought:

Money cannot buy you happiness is a saying you must have heard several times, but it is true with dogs. Animal love cannot be bought but has to be earned, which you can get by adopting a pet from a shelter. The animal will get a new home, and you will get all the love in the world.

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