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6 Tips to Follow Before Buying a Convertible Car seat for Your Child

Children grow so quickly. In what seems like a blink of an eye, they can jump from tiny little babies who need help eating, sleeping and everything in between to walking, talking, self-directing human beings. While ensuring their wardrobe keeps up with them is a challenge in its own right, it’s not the only thing you have to worry about. 

Getting children from A to B safely and comfortably means using a car seat. Coming in a range of sizes, designs and configurations, these seats offer additional protection to little ones in the event of a collision, helping to reduce the risk of injury. Key to their being effective is ensuring that they’re sized correctly for your little one – too big or too small and you risk compromising their ability to protect your child. 

For this reason, many parents make the decision to invest in a convertible car seat. An adjustable and flexible alternative to a fixed unit, convertible car seats allow a child’s protection to grow with them. To help you make the right choice for your child, we’ve put together this short guide for what to look out for when you’re making your next purchase. Read on and browse the Mother’s Choice – Convertible Car Seat range today. 

Here are 6 tips to follow while buying a convertible car safety seat:

1. It is advisable to have a 5-point harness that attaches at the shoulders, hips, and between the legs. A minimum of two recline positions are must when looking for a convertible seat, allowing baby to lie comfortably even as they grow. 

2. Many convertible seats have higher limits in rear-facing weight as compared to rear-facing seats only. Having this feature alone makes them ideal for toddlers and bigger babies. Try to buy the ones that are rated higher in height and weight limits and you’ll get a longer life out of your seat.

3. Like everything for baby, their new seat should be comforting. When inspecting a seat, make sure to feel the fabric – test it for softness and support and try to imagine yourself riding on it for long hours. 

4. Should have an pillow and lumbar support to increase your child’s comfort. Many convertible seats are designed to accommodate toddlers of several years old, meaning additional pillows and lumbar support can improve the level of comfort and support provided to younger children. 

5. Convertible seats should be easy to install. The best way to know if the seat is easy to install is to check the mounting system. Many convertible seats come with quick-release and quick-install bases that do away with the need to buckle the seat in. 

6. Not only can convertible seats provide continuous comfort and protection for a child during those formative early years, they can save money in the long-run – obviating the need for replacement seats as baby outgrows them. That said, think carefully about the features you and your child will benefit from – a few extra dollars up front could save you both time and hassle in the long run.  

Choosing a safe convertible car seat is challenging, however, you can find many tools that can make your search easier. Always remember few points before buying such as easy installation, side-impact protection, and safety features. When buying online, research before buying and make sure that the seat is compatible with your vehicle model.

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