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Four Tests That Can Tell If Jewelry Is High-Quality Or Not

How does a person tell the difference between high-quality jewelry and jewelry that’s a cheap dupe of the real thing? When it comes to jewelry, it’s great to invest in pieces that can be worn over and over again without any wear or tear.

Buying quality jewelry will avoid rusting and damage in general for the most part. With the internet, it’s made identifying good vs bad quality jewelry harder. Here are four tests that can be done to tell if the jewelry is high-quality or not.

Diamond imaging

Diamond imaging is a method used by experts to help understand the quality of the stone’s light performance. Light leakage is bad in stones and can be an indication of a poorly cut diamond or gemstone.

With that being said, seeing the jewelry without it being exposed to too much light is going to help spot any signs of light leakage. A lot of jewelry counters will over-expose the light on the jewelry, to mask this.

Try a chemical test

A chemical test is something that might not be possible in most scenarios but if interest was piqued when it came to existing jewelry, there are certain chemical tests that can be done in order to check the quality of the piece in question.

Nitric acid is one of the chemicals that can be applied to gold jewelry. If it’s not gold, then the acid will remove whatever it is that’s mimicking the gold.

Look for any visual blemishes or damage

For the most part, when shopping, a person can easily pick up any jewelry when browsing and looking closely at it. This can be a good opportunity to look for any visual blemishes or damage that may be apparent to the eye.

In some cases, it may be possible to look at the piece at an even closer angle with the right tools.

Check if the jeweler is reputable or not

With certain jewelers, they tend to have a better reputation than others. It’s important to take a look at the jeweler’s popularity online and offline in some cases. From reviews left by other customers to professional write-ups. It’s good to see what others have to say about the brand behind the jewelry itself.

A good indicator of a quality piece of jewelry is that it’s come from a reputable jeweler with plenty of happy customers to boot.

The importance of investing in high-quality jewelry

Investing in high-quality jewelry is great, not only for value for money but for the potential profit that can be gained by owning the right pieces.

First and foremost, quality jewelry is going to last a lot longer. It’s going to mean that you spend less in general on cheap jewelry that’s just going to break after a year of owning it. Not only is high-quality jewelry more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also beneficial for investments and possibly making money from selling it further down the line.

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